Monday, August 20, 2007

Jags as OC: Season 2, West Virginia

This loss to West Virginia was the last game Jags coached at BC. After the season he took a job as Green Bay’s Tight Ends coach. TOB hired Dana Bible and embarked on BC’s longest, sustained run in the modern era (the DI split). You’d hope that Jags time as OC would have ended in a crescendo of points and passing. Instead it was our second straight loss and one of many tough games in Morgantown.

Stat Line
First downs 15
Rushed-yards 42-162
Passing yards 105
Sacked-yards lost 4-41
Return yards 37
Passes 9-17-1
Punts 6-39.7
Fumbles-lost 1-0
Penalties-yards 7-60
Time of possession 27:04

What can we learn from this game? Jags could run the ball. I know fans are concerned about this year and can rattle off a variety of reasons why we'll struggle: "players are different," "line scheme is different," and "Jags is not even calling the plays," but I think we will have good rushing production. Just look at this game…Mike Cloud, pretty much our only offensive weapon at the time, was able to run for 179 yards in Morgantown. On a less stellar note, Jags was not a miracle worked with QBs. In 1997 he did some good things with Matt Hasselbeck. However, this game ended Scott Mutryn's mediocre college QB. Jags never made Scott better or undid the damage already inflicted on Mutryn’s college career.

What can we learn from this series? Considering the circumstances, Jags did pretty well in his first go around. At the time, the coordinator spot was a big step up for him. He moved from position coach at a mid-major to OC in a top conference. He left his mentor Steve Logan and working with a new head coach and a team with a lousy defense.

Over the course of two seasons, Jags tried a variety of things and only saw a portion of those ideas work. However, he kept the attack balanced and productive. He used his best players and helped some of the lesser know players blossom. Aside from the W-L record it was a positive output.

Although he missed out on the true turnaround, the timing of Jags' departure served him well for his current role. He has enough familiarity with the school to know what works, yet brings fresh ideas. BC fans dealt with his on the job growing pains 10 years ago and will probably deal with a few head scratchers this time around, but the upside is so promising that I am really looking forward to the Jags era.

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