Thursday, August 23, 2007

Season Prediction Part I: worst case scenario

The past two seasons, I’ve done a three-part prediction. One best case, one worst case and then what I actually thought was going to happen. As you can see (2005, 2006) my predictions actuals were very easy to make during the TOB era. This year is a different story. Jags is a Wild Card and the season could go a variety of ways. As you’ll see in a few days I am optimistic about the season, but this entry is the worst-case scenario. I don’t think the following will happen, but it could. (Check in Friday for the Best Case.)

Worst Case Scenario

Wake Forest. Loss. Jim Grobe proves he was not TOB’s nemesis but rather Frank Spaziani’s as BC continues to give up big plays to Wake's motion offense. The still adjusting BC offense looks anemic.

NC State. Loss. TOB returns triumphantly. Both offenses struggle for most of the day, but Daniel Evans leads a late game-winning drive for the second straight year.

At Georgia Tech. Loss. Third straight ACC opponent. Third straight loss. Needless to say the plane ride home is very quiet. There is a pall on campus. The message boards are in full meltdown mode.

Army. Win. Finally some relief. The offense looks better. The defense shuts down the Knights. Hope returns.

UMass. Win. Another walk in the park. Matt Ryan has a big day. The defense continues its strong showing making everyone think that the second half of the ACC schedule will be better than the first three games.

Bowling Green. Win. The helter skelter October weather returns making this a sloppy game and much closer than BC fans would like. However, BC wins to get back to .500.

At Notre Dame. Loss. A close game but BC's offense takes a major step back against stiffer competition and Notre Dame’s new 3-4 scheme.

At Virginia Tech. Loss. Thursday night in Blacksburg is always rough. Add a very good VT looking for revenge and it gets ugly.

Florida State. Loss. The past two games between these teams were close and hard fought. This one is not.

At Maryland. Win. With the team’s back against the wall and the slim bowl hopes still alive, the Eagles rally and beat Maryland for the third straight year.

At Clemson. Win. Another sign of life, or a sign that Tommy Bowden’s team has checked out.

Miami. Loss. For the second straight year BC loses to Miami in a defensive struggle. Last year the loss sent us back to Charlotte. This year, it marks the end of the road.

Let me reiterate that I don’t think things will get this bad (hence the “worst case scenario”) but it is easy to see how with a new coach and quirky schedule the season could unravel quickly. Check in tomorrow for the best case


Joe Grav said...

I'm gonna go cry now... tell me when I can rejoin society

Brian said...

A bit surprised you have us going to Clemson and winning in the worst case scenario. I don't know too much about this year's Clemson squad, but having attended the 16-13 OT Matt Ryan special in Death Valley two years ago, I can honestly say that it's one of the loudest, most intimidating places to play in college football.

But maybe I just talked myself out of this, because Ryan has experience on that field.

ATL_eagle said...

Brian, even when things are bad we are bound to pull one upset or two. I also think Clemson will be very inconsistent.

jesuitHOOPS said...

this is what needs to happen to fulfill Lou Holtz's prediction that BC will be the most disappointing team in the country this year.

Brian said...

But you have us losing to Clemson in the best case scenario? :) If there is a letdown second loss in the ACC in the best case scenario, my money is on Maryland.