Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ACC move's impact on admissions

The move to the ACC was ultimately about sports, but the Globe featured an article on its impact on admissions. While applications are up from ACC country, the article mentions that matriculation is not. I think matriculation will catch up in a few years and more importantly, it will continue to have a positive impact on fan support. We need more students and eventually alumni who root for BC first. Passion for college sports is unrivaled in the south. Getting that mindset further ingrained into BC will help ratings, merchandise sales and most importantly travel reputations.


EagleEye2002 said...

Is anyone selling or knows someone who is selling tickets for the BC-Notre Dame game? I will be in Chicago that weekend and would love to go. Go Eagles!

Brian said...

Increased applications is one thing. Increased attendance is quite another. As the article points out, there is a significant price differential between attending BC as opposed to UVA, UNC, etc. which can deter prospective students from choosing the Heights.

I think that representation of the ACC states at BC will rise, but I think it will take some time.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Gotta agree with Brian, the trickle down effect in terms of actual attendance will take time, but is inevitable.

Though I still feel like we are out of place to a certain degree- not in terms of the level of competition, academics, etc. but more in terms of the social component of BC v. many of these large southern state schools- the ACC's stimulus of BC's national footprint/reputation (albeit gradual) is invaluable. Add's a nice new dimension to the conference jump debate.