Monday, September 17, 2007

FAQs from Atlanta

I enjoyed meeting or reconnecting with many of you on Saturday. A couple of questions came up and I just want to clarify a few things.

Do I hate Eagle Action and the posters there?

I don’t hate the Eagle Action posters. On the contrary, I like and know many of them. I haven’t been frequenting the EA boards much, but it has little to do with the posters. As for the Eagle Action writers, it is a mixed bag. Mike Shalin was always nice to me when I was a student and did a good job for the Herald. Steve Conroy does a good job with the Herald and is a very good writer. The other guys I don’t read enough to have a strong opinion on. I do not care for Mike Farrell and I’ve explained myself repeatedly here. I also don’t care for Eagle Action’s founder Mike Rutstein. Eagle Action hit its lowpoint with me during the coaching search when they threw out tons of rumors under fake bylines and outright plagiarized a few other papers. Because that shoddy work was done under pennames, you’ll never really get to the bottom of things (but I don’t blame Conroy or Shalin). Maybe things will get better with Yahoo’s acquisition of Rivals. Until then, I’ll keep my distance from certain parts of EA.

Am I going to start a Amazon wish list, take donations, etc?

While I appreciate the comments, I don’t do this for the money. This is a hobby and AOL and my fulltime job keep me comfortable. If you feel the need to “pay” for this content please give to the BC fund in your own name or click on my google ads every once in a while.

Where did I get the pants?

The pants are catching on. I saw four others wearing them Saturday. You can get your own at Pennington & Bailes.


BCMike said...

In fact, I was sitting with some new friends (none of whom knew you) and they thought they spotted you because there was a guy with the BC pants.

Frightening that you've started this "fashion" trend. Still want to be there when the wifey breaks the BC logo skirt out for the first game. That might have to be a bowl game move, actually.

Eagle in Brighton said...

I hold Eagle in Atlanta in higher esteem than either the Globe's or Herald's coverage.

Hyperbole aside, you really have the best BC content online.

Keep up the good work Bill.

Eagle in Brighton said...

On another note- the breadth of EA's free content is great, but there lack of journalistic integrity is a huge liability.

I just hope their loose mouth didn't cost us highly touted OL Mike Goodman.

If you have any inside word on the recruiting front, would love to here it.