Friday, September 28, 2007

Rooting guide

Now that the first quarter of the season has played out, it is time to start looking at scoreboards. While BC ultimately controls its own destiny, it is always nice to see your rivals lose to someone else. With that in mind here is who I am rooting for and against this weekend.

Clemson vs Georgia Tech
BC needs Georgia Tech to win and preferably in a crushing fashion. A GT win would make our victory over the Jackets seem more impressive and it would put Clemson below us in the division.

Alabama vs Florida State
This is where my guide becomes a little more subjective and hunches replace actual common sense. In the common sense world BC would want a fellow ACC team to whip an SEC team. This gives our conference credibility. In my mind FSU losing is better. From a distance it looks like this FSU season could go either way. If they get beat Saturday, perhaps they start packing it in during conference play. If FSU mails in the season, that is one less competitor for the division title.

Maryland vs Rutgers
A Maryland win helps the conference, our national rankings and our New Jersey recruiting. Go Terps!

Louisville vs NC State
Like the FSU game, logic gets thrown out the window due to my grudge. I have no problem with TOB going 1-11.

Duke vs Miami
Neither impacts our ACC standings. I guess I would like to see Duke win. Helps our Florida recruiting and makes Ted Roof’s job a little safer. (I believe Duke might be interested in hiring Logan as their head coach. That would be bad for BC.)

Virginia vs Pitt
Big East vs the ACC. I’ll finally toe the conference line. Go UVA!

UNC vs Virginia Tech
Neither team is in our division but VT is on our schedule. I want them to have a few setbacks before we play them. Go Tar Heels.


Brian said...

ATL - I will be rooting for the same teams this weekend. If I could have one of these games come true, it would obviously be Ga Tech winning v. Clemson. This would be a huge win for the Eagles in the Atlantic standings and for all the reasons you mentioned.

I'm also secretly rooting for Cal to win big over Oregon, so we can jump Oregon in the AP with a strong performance tomorrow. Along these lines, I'm also pulling for USF tonight against WVU.

Enjoy the games.

BCDisco said...

I will also be rooting for USF, but I think WVU has revenge on their minds and with two Heisman candidates, they most likely will pull out the win.

jj_2003 said...

I'm sorry, I disagree with a number of these. I choose to act as if there are no limits on BC, that this is a truly special year.

That means I want FSU to beat Alabama not just for the sake of the ACC, but so that they will represent a significant win if BC takes them. For the same reason, I'd hold my nose and accept NC State beating Louisville, to boost our strength of schedule.

As for Clemson-GT, GT has two losses already so their win doesn't appear to mean as much. Clemson still has a chance to win out. So let them do so up to BC's trip to "Death Valley". BC knocks off an undefeated Top-10 team on the road, and there's a real chance at the best of seasons.

That's why I'm also rooting for Miami, as knocking off a strong Miami team to close the season would help us climb. I don't think Logan will go back to head coaching at this stage in his life, though I may very well be mistaken. I can see where Miami falling downward would help our recruiting, but this isn't the season to think like that. Someone has to head to New Orleans. Why not us!?

Brian said...

I agree with you Joe, but I am cautiously optimistic we won't have a WTF TOB special game this year. If we do, though, having Clemson with an early ACC loss will help us. I would hate to not have a chance at the ACC championship if we knock off Clemson but have a WTF game somewhere in there.

BCMike said...

With the ACC being trashed as much as it has been the best couple years and the ivory tower that is the SEC ever being shown as untouchable, an FSU win over 'Bama would shut some people up....if not only for a short while.


Alex F. said...

Easy rooting guide in 3 steps...

1. ACC over other conferences
2. Coastal Division over Atlantic Division
3. Coastal teams we play over Coastal teams we don't play

Goberry said...

note: different Brian from the one above (I gotta change my blogger name).
I think Bill is right about Logan. If BC keeps doing well, no way he doesn't get snapped up by a program to be HC soon.