Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ugh. Thankfully that is over

No WTF, but ugly and pathetic. If Army wasn't a wake up call this surely was. Bowling Green is a good team and we are going to have to get much much better this week. I didn't see the game but these are my thoughts:
-- Ryan seemed like he was pressing. Why is he going deep when they are giving us the short stuff?
-- The Oline should have dominated. It sure didn't sound like Ryan had much time and the backs didn't have great holes.
-- We are allowing too many punts to roll.
-- This team needs a kick in the butt. We controlled the first half yet letdown in the second. That cannot happen against the remainder of our schedule.

I can't watch it back so my partial grades will be up earlier than usual on Sunday.


Kevin said...

Watched the game online. Letting punts roll was a huge issue. Can't keep giving teams momentum by pinning us deep.

Brian said...

Ga Tech just beat Clemson though, which is huge for us and our conference standings.

West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Texas falling, so we could be looking at a pretty nice ranking Sunday despite not playing up to our ranking this week.

Brian said...

Oregon falls too!

Brian said...

And Rutgers ... the rooting guide certainly pays off! Go ACC! Go Eagles!

tkow said...

I've never been less excited about a BC win. I'm very worried about this team right now; for the first time this season, 8-4 looks like a very real possibility. And the fall will hurt more now that we'll inevitably move up... My hope is that I'm just conditioned to expect the worst.

Erik said...

If you like underthrown passes, Matt Ryan was your man.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where we will be ranked. 8th? I don't think the win today will be convincing enough to go any higher but with Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas, Rutgers, etc. but at least we won. Thoughts?

Bravesbill said...

For the second straight week, Ryan was underthrowing a lot of passes because he was throwing off his back foot against the rush. The O-line needs to do a much better job, and Ryan needs to scramble better and step up in the pocket when he throws. With ND looking much improved this week, that will be a scary scary game.

ATL_eagle said...

John, we'll be in the Top 10. I don't know if we deserve to be. It will be more a product of no one seeing our game and other teams ahead of us losing.

John said...

3,4,5,6,7 and 10 all lost. If they all drop past us we are 5th!!!

billg said...

BC's team is revealing an important part of its character....and it's not all bad.

Some teams play to the level of their competition....some teams play to the level of their talent and typically 'look good' winning against weaker opponents....BC looks like the former...but make no mistake...this is a team that is very competitive and plays to win.

Case in point - Oklahoma and Arkansas both wiped the floor against the Un. of North Texas. Who cares? Oklahoma and Arkansas have each lost key games against conference opponents. Winning is what matters...not looking good.

John said...

Following up on my comment...I dont think we deserve to be 5th...probably closer to 10th or 12th still. Just pointing out what could happen.

Brian said...

I think we land in the 7-8 spot this week representing the highest ranked team in the ACC. After seeing everything unfold today, I think it goes:

1. USC
2. LSU
3. Cal
4. Ohio State
5. Wisconsin
6. Oregon
7. Boston College

Then Florida, WVU, USF, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky are all in there ...

We prob aren't a top 7 team but we just might land there anyhow.

Eagle in Somerville said...


Thanks for the rankings, but just looking at that gives me hope that we could be as high as 6th.
Oregon can't move up that much after losing at home in a game in which they were favored by a touchdown.

Bravesbill said...

Oregon should stay ahead of BC. They looked real good against a very good Cal team. Lost by a foot basically. Kentucky should leap over BC based on its blow out wins against lesser opponents. I'd say that USF should also leapfrog BC considering they beat Auburn (who beat UF) on the road and WVU at home. Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas all might stay ahead of BC just because some will make the excuse that they were looking forward to big rivalry games next week. Poor excuse, but you know how the rankings are.

Eagle in Brighton said...

I could conceivably see:

1.) USC
2.) LSU
3.) Cal
4.) OSU
5.) Wisconsin
6.) Oregon
7.) BC
8.) USF
9.) Florida/Oklahoma/WV/Texas

Btw, was at the game Sat., and though we looked painfully sloppy on the field, can't help but mention the UMass fans: they turned out en force and were some of the most obnoxious I can remember as of late. Not a classy display from Amherst.

IDriveBigThings said...

yeah it's really terrible when fans CHEER for their team.

Eagle in Brighton said...

*but* were some...

Didn't know the chip on their shoulders' extended from players to fanbase...

eagleboston said...

I wish BC fans were more passionate. I go to Alumni Stadium each year for a game and I am always amazed at how lame the crowd is. One year I went to the Virginia game and they made more noise than the BC fans. It's such a pro sports town that they just don't know how to do the big time college thing.

By the way, both South Florida and Kentucky should jump ahead of us. They are by far better teams. Our 12th ranking is probably right about right.

Eagle in Brighton said...

@eagleboston: It's fans like you that not only unfairly make an issue out of this (when there isn't one) but in fact add to the "problem." You "go to Alumni Stadium each year for a game..." why don't you show up each week? Tickets are relatively cheap, the teams solid, and contrary to popular belief, the atmosphere has been great this season.

Historically, the knock on BC has been the passive Alumni crowd aided, perhaps, by the strength of Boston's pro sport passions. But this belief is just as outdated as the steriotype that Boston is a consummately racist city. Though both assumptions may have held a shard of truth decades ago, times are changing.

As ATL_Eagles astutely pointed out a few weeks back, the aging of the "superfan" generation of BC alums not only is reinvigorating our sports-inclined alumni base, but galvanizing support among casual fans throughout NE (see increased attendance/contributions to the Flynn fund/etc.) As an unbiased observer, Alumni's environment was simply electric for both the Wake Forest and NCState matchups this season.

BC's a perennial top 25 program in a legit conference and is the biggest deal in terms of college football until you practically get to State College, PA. Before you knock the crowd, come to some more games. Don some maroon and gold. Hit up my tailgate an come yell your heart out. We'd love you to join us - I think we could open your eyes to a new brand of BC football.