Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guest Blogger: TechSuperfans

The compacted week threw off the schedules, but I still wanted to get some insight from a Virginia Tech blogger. Below are the questions I asked the guys from TechSuperfans and their answers. If you want to know more about the Hokies check out the work EhhTee, "Mad Jay" and "Where's the Ice?" do at TechSuperfans.

Beamer is being coy about which QB will be available. Who do you think should play? Do you think the two will split time and what can we expect from each of guy?

TechSuperfans: We think that this is intention. BC will have to prepare for TT and Glennon to fully prepare. The point is that BC won't know what to expect. It's my suspicion that TT is healing well enough to play, but he won't be 100% and a mix of the two QBs on Thursday is likely.

The ground game has been uneven this year. Is it all due to Ore's lingering injuries or is there something else amiss?

TechSuperfans: Branden Ore has had various health issues all season and Coach Hite hasn't played a healthy Kenny Lewis, Jr for some reason. That combined with a lack of cohesion between the offensive line/tight ends has hurt the running game.

Will the injuries on the defense force Foster to adjust his scheme at all?

TechSuperfans: Definitely not. Frankly, it looks like Cam Martin will start at Whip so the only player out of the starting line-up on defense is Vince Hall and Brett Warren played so well last week filling in for Hall that you can expect the full defense to be on display on Thursday night.

What is your prediction for Thursday night?

TechSuperfans: We make it a point never to predict an outcome of a Hokie game. I used to do a EhhTee's Picks section where I would pick 5 or 6 games of interest and predict a score. I never did the Hokies game. We predict an incredibly hard-hitting game and a fantastic college football atmosphere. Lane Stadium games on Thursday nights have always been classic games. Should be fun.

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Eagle in Brighton said...

Hokie Nation above picking scores? Who do they think they are, Duke? (considering the scholarship of the answers...I highly doubt that)

BC 27-20.

Go Eagles.