Sunday, October 28, 2007

I feel wet just looking at these pics

Brian F sent along these photos from Blacksburg. You can see the sheets of rain. But you'll also notice the happy faces at the end of the game.


BCNorCal07 said...

Great pics. They make me teary-eyed just looking at them.

This is some bowl projections from College Football News (at They updated today and currently have us in the Sugar Bowl and VTech in the Orange. I presume this means they think we'll be undefeated going into the ACC title tilt, only to lose to VTech. Interesting. I don't see how else that scenario could happen.

mattfitz said...

I added some pics to the blog after getting the kinks worked out:

Big Jack Krack said...

Okay Boston College - let's close out the 3rd quarter of the season with a decisive victory over FSU at home Saturday night.

We don't want to look ahead, but I do not agree with the following analysis - if we get to the ACC Championship, we are not going to lose to VT (if they are the top of their division)

2. Boston College, Score: 0.9559
Last Week: 2
The win over Virginia Tech was the one everyone wanted to see, but it wasn't a good performance until the final five minutes. Even so, the computers are happy, with four ranking the Eagles No. 1 and the other two No. 2. It might take a major effort to shove BC out of a top two spot if it keeps winning, but if Arizona State wins out, the Sun Devils will have a case to be here. Winning impressively could be a must down the stretch.

Predicted wins: Florida State, at Maryland, Miami
Predicted losses: at Clemson, ACC Championship
Predicted record: 11-2
Predicted bowl: Sugar Bowl
Toughest test: at Clemson

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's go BC - beat FSU Saturday night!

I don't know if I can make the Clemson game this year - but I was there two years ago and it's a terrific atmosphere.

I don't think the fans will be quite so hospitable, since we have beaten them twice in a row - and this game will have huge implications.

I recommend this trip to everyone. It's an easy trip from Atlanta. I know a lot of fans will go to Maryland.

Big Jack Krack said...

Just sitting here watching the World Series.

The weather for Saturday night doesn't look bad at this point and it shouldn't have any effect on the outcome.
Sat Nov 3 Partly Cloudy
53°/48° 10%

EagleInDC said...

How was Blacksburg? It is 5 hours from DC, and so I have never been motivated to make the trip. It doesn't sound like there is much of a town there. But I would be interested to hear from anyone if they think it is worth the effort. Wake Forest was not, btw.

Brian said...

Blacksburg is a very small town, not much in the area. I stayed in Salem, VA (another small town) about 30 minutes out because all the hotels in Blacksburg were sold out.

I personally made the drive from NYC and the drive was a miserable experience. It started raining Wednesday night and didn't let up until well into Saturday when I was back. It was 8 hours down and 11 back with the road conditions.

Anyhow, I also attended the Clemson game two years ago. Great atmosphere in SC (I'll be going back down there in 3 weeks). VTech was equally good. For the most part, Tech fans were fairly civil before and after the game. The rain was ridiculous, and for 57 minutes I was kicking myself for making the drive down in the first place (I admit I had somewhat given up hope with 5 minutes left; it wasn't looking good at all). Also, the stadium gets LOUD. I have seen games at Clemson, VTech and Penn State, and that would be the order in terms of how loud the crowd can get. (The only reason PSU wasn't louder I think was because we blew them out in 2004).

The home field advantage of loud Lane Stadium on a Thursday night, plus the downpour weather conditions, its a testament to this team to have pulled out a W.

Go Eagles!