Thursday, October 25, 2007

Matty Ice!!!

BC is going to have a real season ticket issue next year because we are going to kill off all our fans with games like that. I hope you guys are all ok. My heart is still racing. This went from one of the most forgettable games to one of the most memorable in six minutes. Ryan is going to get all the pub, but the defense deserves the game ball. They kept the team in the game when it seemed like the refs and the weather were going to do everything possible to take us down. Huge game for for the special teams too. Ayers was awesome and the onsides was perfect. Now to Ryan...where do you start? This was heading towards the worst game of his career. Nothing was working and he was pressing. Yet he kept it together and put on the fourth quarter for the ages. He left his guts on the field -- literally.

I don't know what this means for the Heisman, but this shows that something special is brewing. To have one of those seasons, you need a few breaks and you need things to come together at the right time. Now let's do what has worked -- keep our focus game to game.

I won't have my second viewing thoughts up until this weekend. But I will have plenty of stuff up all Friday.

One last question: did that really happen?


tkow said...

I believe it did. And it was...incomprehensible.

Big Jack Krack said...

At about 9:10 or so I said I'd be happy with a 14 to 10 victory - never dreaming it could happen that way.

Just fantastic - I'm so proud of those players and coaches.

ToTheHeights said...

Terrible 50 minutes FANTASTIC 10 minutes.

That is why they play 60......

EagleMom said...

Phenomenal! The refs wanted it otherwise (the touchdown that wasn't, the interception that was) but in the end BC had three things going for them
1. A defense that left nothing on the field. They weren't as flashy as VT, but they were just as effective. Hats off to Spaz.
2. A head coach that might just be, in his first year as a college head coach, one of the best in the game right now.
3. A quarterback who is a true leader and has as much faith in his teammates as he has does in himself. Whatever NFL team gets him (c'mon Falcons, you CAN lose the rest of your games!) is going to get a winner.

Congrats Eagles, this is so much fun!

BCNorCal07 said...

I was in so much pain after the second pick that I just couldn't watch. You know what? I have absolutely no regrets. It paid off in a big way. And yes, I do believe that my ceasing to watch caused the win. Never, ever mess with a hot streak. Phhh. I think I'll just sleep through every game the rest of the season 'cause nothing could top that ending.

GO EAGLES! Matty for the statue!

Kevin G said...

I had to leave early...did we win the game?

AlbanyEagle said...

Holy Sh#t!!
That's a win you only see buy real, true, big-time teams.
At VT, struggling, tough officiating, really doing nothing for 50 minutes except hanging in there,
then DOING IT when it mattered.
I don't care about the Heisman anymore. We know he deserves it, and it doesn't matter what the voters eventually say. That last TD pass, in the air, all arm strenght, right where it needed to be....awesome.

Still a LOT of work to do, but you have to feel like this team has "it".
Never quit.
Continue to execute, even if the performance for much of the game was sub-par.
This should be a HUGE confidence boost.

4 more conference games to go.
No let-down.

Love Jags. LOVE HIM.

Now...going to finish getting drunk, bask in the glory, and brush off the naysayers.

Love this blog.
Keep up the good work.


Meaghan said...

The champagne had to be cracked for this one!!!

McCabe said...

Games balls to every single defensive player.

ORDEagle said...

A win for the ages. People can dog us all they want and sure, put LSU ahead of us in the polls. Yada, yada, yada. Thing is, this team now knows that it can win even when it shouldn't. It can win when it plays poorly, when it pours rain, they can't catch a break from the officials and everyone else has given up. The defense was sucking wind with 6 minutes to go, but still held on. The O couldn't move the ball for 56 minutes, then made big plays. Reading the in game comments, we all gave up on them, but they didn't ever stop trying to win the game.

...and damn if they didn't do just that. Matty may not have won the Heisman tonight, but he sure made himself some big money next year.

The only thing missing was Flutie wasn't in the booth. Dollars to donuts that he would have lost the announcer voice and cheered that last drive in!

eagleinexile said...

Okay, I just put away the Paddles as I had to De-fib myself back to life.

Truly, one for the ages. Even Craig James (a consistent BC doubter) said he thought that we earned our ranking tonight.

VT's defense, especially the line, played very well, for 57 minutes. Matt Ryan looked like he has all season for only those three minutes.

It really felt like Ryan took the magic out of the air of VT and the crowd with the first TD drive. The ensuing kick and final drive were just icing on the cake.

I bitched a lot early about the refs, but with due cause. It just seemed that every BIG call was going VT's way. The Jamie Silva pass interference/INT negation may have been worse than Eddie Royal's non-TD. Of course, in classic bad ref fashion, the head ref gives BC a break on a roughing the kicker call not 2 plays after he hammered us with a phantom 15yd face mask. I think the big picture is that the ACC needs to hire better refs.

BC's O-line didn't earn any steak dinners, but I'd say the receivers owe Ryan a night at the Foxy lady, and the entire Offense owes the Defense about a million lap dances. However, that's why it's a team game. I believe that the O will bail out the D in these last 4 to go undefeated.

Goberry said...

Dear Jags,

Please don't go to Notre Dame when they come calling.


p.s. you too, coaches Spaz and Logan!

Unknown said...

Notre Dame? You think Jags would leave BC for ND? With him on the headphones on Mike Cloud's 4 and none? No way.

Jags either goes Paterno/Bowden on us or he leaves for the pros. Like Bill said earlier, if anyone leaves quick, it might well be Logan.

Damien Stepick said...

Somewhere Doug Flutie sat back and thought, "Not bad kid... but you've got nothing on me!"

Great game and a great ending.

Andrew S. said...

Really great team effort to get it done today. The offense just plain didn't have it for the 1st 3 2/3 quarters tonigh, Ellis could rush Ryan at will it seemed, but the special teams kept Beamerball away and the defense kept the points off the board.

This was a game we had no right winning. If TOB had the headset on, something tells me we would've wound up losing by 3 in that situation, or losing in OT.

Lots of haters out there now saying their team (SEC guys) would run up the score against BC, all I have to say is, we're 8-0 and not backing down from anyone we line up against!


Kash86 said...

i was there, left my seat with 4 minutes left out of absolute disgust, decided to watch the end of the game from the corner of the stadium where they scored. 18 hours of driving for 2 minutes of football well worth it.