Thursday, November 22, 2007

BC-Miami preview

This game won’t make or break our season but it does have importance. First it would end Miami’s long, long win streak. Second, it would improve our bowl resume. If we don’t win the ACC Championship Game, how we perform this weekend could be the difference between the Peach Bowl and Nashville. Finally, it would get us to 6-2 in conference and complete a 10-2 regular season. Big accomplishments for our coach and something his predecessor was never able to do.

Theme that won’t be discussed on television. One year ago, in the game against Miami, the TOB-BC relationship really reached the point of no return. Many BC fans were put off by his snide “we’re up, aren’t we?” response to Erin Andrews and losing another game against a lame-duck coach when the ACC was still on the line. There were a million other things that led to TOB’s departure -- primarily NC State’s interest – but it was easier for everyone to walk away after the bitter disappointment against Miami.

Three Simple Keys
1. Stop the run. Miami might be the most one-dimensional offense we face this year. Their pass attack has been bad regardless of who is throwing the ball. If they cannot establish the run, it will force the ‘Canes to put it in the air.
2. Avoid turnovers. Ryan still has an outside, outside shot at the Heisman. But he is going to need to pad his stats and avoid anymore INTs.
3. Get the second teamers in. This might not be a key to winning, but it will be important that we come out of this game without major injuries. Also, this might be the last time for someone like Chris Crane to make an impression in live, in-game action.

Gambling Notes
-- The only time BC has been a bigger favorite in an ACC game was last season against Duke (BC was favored by 28 against the Blue Devils)
-- Miami hasn’t lost in Chestnut Hill since 1975
-- Miami hasn’t lost four-straight games since 1997
The current line is BC-14.5

What would be a pleasant surprise? Deep kickoffs. I expect BC to score and then squib and squib again. I would love to see BC try and sail a few deep.

What would be a letdown? Losing. I know this is not a must win, but a great, championship team should put Miami away early.

What would be a shocker? Chris Crane playing really well for more than a quarter. It may seem like I am placing extra emphasis on our backup QB but replacing Ryan will be the story of the offseason. I would love to see Crane play well, but I have a feeling we’ll have a QB derby next fall.

Bottom Line
This will probably the least I’ve cared about a BC game in some time. Win, great. Lose, no problem. The big thing is to come out healthy. Even with the lack of motivation, I still think pride and our talent will carry the day. I also think Miami is in shambles.
Final Score: BC 27, Miami 13


Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Bill:

I bet you really do care about this game. 27 to 13 is an acceptable win under the circumstances of our depleted team, etc. But I would love to see BC score early and wash away all of the frustrations of BC teams of the past 23 years - especially those that came close to winning their games. TOB could have beaten these guys 3 or 4 times.

It's going to be cold by Miami standards, and if we can get off to a good start, I think these guys will fold. "Don't let them back up once we've knocked them down".

A loss is out of the question - we will not lose to these guys this year.

We need a big win so we can go into the ACCCG on a high note.

A lot of these non-BC ACC fans who I know are already saying "You don't want a replay with VT - BC doesn't have much chance and VT could annihilate you" Well, I respect both VT and Virginia - but neither of those teams is going to "run over us".

I would expect a close game against both VT or Virginia.

But I digress - we need a big win over Miami; I think these Seniors know that; it's Senior Day; BC will get it done.

We will get this monkey off our back, and this will be another indication of the kind of program we can expect from Coach Jags and his staff.

Happy Thanksgiving - GO BC.

SouthieEagle said...

One point of clarification when you say "Win, great. Lose, no problem"

If we lose this one, we theoretically drop in the polls (22-25 range?). Then, even if we win the ACC, don't we run the risk of the loophole where another team steals the Orange Bowl bid if we aren't ranked high enough?

Even extending the range to 18 teams, as the commissioners agreed to this week, I think we still put ourselves within range of missing out...

Winner of Boise/Hawaii could sneak in?

eaglebc01 said...

southieeagle, i thought the whole thing about the automatic bid to the orange bowl was that it was an "automatic" bid, hence, rank does not matter.

SouthieEagle said...

After re-reading (and re-reading and re-reading), you are correct, I believe it's really the #2 ACC team that would be blocked for a BCS bid.

Win and it doesn't matter.

eagleboston said...
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eagleboston said...

We need to beat Miami. Finishing 9-3, even though we're going to the 'ship, means we have finished no better than TOB's best teams. And if we lose to Miami and then lose the 'ship (very likely if we have to play a mad Va Tech team with several BC starters not at 100%), were sitting at 9-4, which is good, but not great and my understanding is that most of you want BC to go to a higher level than what TOB did. Thus, we NEED to beat Miami.

Big Jack Krack said...

We need to beat Miami because we haven't beaten them in 23 years. We need to beat Miami because we're tired of this movie. We need to beat Miami to get this monkey off our back. We need to beat Miami to start a new tradition tomorrow of beating them routinely. We need to beat Miami because they are Miami. These guys will come in cocky because they figure we'll fold - we need to beat them because they are arrogant. We need to beat Miami because we are better than they are. We need to beat Miami for our seniors. We need to beat Miami for all of our players, past and present. We need to beat Miami for our coaches. We need to beat Miami for our students and Super Fans. We need to beat Miami for our graduates and fans and season ticket holders - contributors to the Flynn Fund. We need to beat Miami for Boston - Ever to Excel. We need to beat Miami because we can! We need to beat Miami because we are sick of them and how they dance around at our expense. We need to beat Miami without regard to any post season bowl - make this a one game season and kick their butts.

Let's knock the hell out of Miami - how dare they come to Boston thinking they have a chance to beat us. Let's show Miami absolutely NO MERCY.

This game matters to me - we WILL NOT LOSE THIS GAME. Don't even go there.

We are not looking ahead Miami - your day is coming tomorrow!

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