Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can BC finallly beat Miami?

BC is shorthanded this weekend against Miami and has not beaten the Hurricanes since Flutie's famous pass. Over the past 20 years BC has entered the game as the underdog and Miami as the powerhouse. This year is different. We all know BC carries a different identity this year. So do the 'Canes. This the worst Miami team since 1979 (Howard Schnellenberger first year). How bad are things?
-- Entering the game Miami has allowed 51 more points than they have scored. Their last season with such a lopsided point differential was 1977.
-- Miami never lost five conference games in one season until last year. If they lose to BC it will be the first time they've ever lost six conference games.
-- Miami is 108th in total offense
-- Miami has lost five of their last six
-- Miami's struggles have not come against the nation's best teams. Their strength of schedule entering the game is 51st

I'll have more on the matchup Thursday, but BC needs to take advantage of this down time for Miami.


Bryan said...

Those are some amazing stats - can't believe how far they've fallen. That said, we can't take them lightly, even if this game is somewhat unmeaningful in terms of the bigger picture. It would be embarassing to lose this game (again, can't believe I'm saying that). By the way, anyone have tix they want to unload?

Big Jack Krack said...

I couldn't believe we lost to these guys last year.

As my grandfather once told me - if you knock a guy down (in a fight) don't let him get back up.

We were cruising last year in the empty Orange Bowl and then it all went wrong with our ultra conservative game plan. We don't need to re-hash the history.

We do need to beat these guys convincingly on Senior Day. Come on younger players - croak Miami for these seniors - they are very diserving.

If we get up early, pour it on!!!!!!

Big Jack Krack said...

deserving - sorry.

eagleboston said...

I was a senior in high school when Doug Flutie casually clapped his hands after watching Bernie Kosar engineer what he thought was a game-winning drive. Then, the Miracle in Miami put BC on the world map and a young man from Iowa decided to apply to the far away Jesuit school. Hell, if it were not for Flutie and Phelan, I may never have met my wife.

Had I known then that we were going to lose to the Hurricanes for the next 22 years, I would have savored the victory even more. I remember the following year, grabbing the bus to Foxboro (BC played big games in Foxboro back then) the day after the real Hurricane Gloria throttled Boston. The Miami Hurricanes win started their current win streak against BC that very day.

We need to beat this team! This is revenge time and the BC players need to dish out some pain. a) Saturday is senior day and the last home game for 22 seniors. b) We need 10 wins to help us get to a better bowl in case we don't win the 'ship. c)We need to enact revenge on all of the BC teams that were slaughtered by more than 20 points by Miami. d) we need to enact revenge for all of the times we came so close only to fall. e) we need momentum going into the 'ship. God I want us to win on Saturday so flipping bad! Go Eagles!

But, lest you think this is going to be easy, Miami has a 22 year streak over us. They BEAT Florida State ON THE ROAD this season. They beat us last year. They have more speed than BC. Folks, if BC goes into this game looking ahead, Miami will beat them a la Maryland.

Andrew said...

My parents just got a voice message from ... Matt Ryan! He was imploring us to go to the game in Jax. Pretty nice effort by the AD.

Unknown said...

Matty Ice just called me too and he told me he needs me at the ACCCG!! I'm so there.