Friday, November 23, 2007

Rooting guide

The Orange Bowl is ours as long as we win next week. That doesn't mean that this weekend's action doesn't have implications. This is what I am hoping for while I scoreboard watch this weekend.

Virginia vs Virginia Tech. A Virginia Tech win would help our bowl options but I want to play Virginia in the ACC Championship Game. Go 'Hoos.

Florida vs Florida State. The only way Tebow is losing the Heisman (and keeping the hopes for Ryan alive) is with another loss. Plus it would help the ACC. Go 'Noles.

Maryland vs NC State. The winner goes bowling the loser is done. Go Terps.

Wake Forest vs Vanderbilt. ACC vs SEC. Go Wake.

Georgia vs Georgia Tech. A GT win helps BC. I am a little torn since I do have an interest in UGA. For BC's sake -- go Jackets.

Duke vs North Carolina. Neither impacts BC. I guess I would like to see Duke win so that Ted Roof hangs around another year (and they don't come after Logan). Go Duke.

Clemson vs South Carolina. I love the Clemson fans but another loss might knock the Tigers out of a good bowl and open a spot for BC. Go 'Cocks.


Daniel K. Eng said...

hey atleagle,
I stumbled upon your blog today after surfing for some background information on Shamari Spears' high school stats, of all things.
I'm class of 2002, now in Southern California, 3000 miles from Chestnut Hill. Sometimes I watch games with the Orange county chapter of the Alumni Association.
Great blog, I'm going to subscribe. Keep it up! Eagles on the Warpath!

Daniel Eng

Dstanner said...
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Dstanner said...

Atleagle --

Gotta disagree on the Gamecocks pick. I went to the Clemson game last week. Those Clemson fans were absolutely the nicest people in the world. I want nothing but the best for them. Because I think BC will win the ACCCG and therefore guarantee its BCS spot, I wholeheartedly support Clemson and its fans against the cocks!

Keep up the great work.

Big Jack Krack said...

Go Clemson - Go ACC. I play golf with several Clemson grads - all great guys (I also play with many USC Grads - also great guys) and these guys are really disappointed in the loss to BC.

I'd like to see them come out victorious on Saturday night - It's good for them and the ACC.

We have to win in Jacksonville to get to the Orange Bowl - we are not hoping for Atlanta THIS YEAR - let Clemson have it.

I agree with all of the comments that Clemson fans are top notch and show a lot of good sportsmanship.

This is turning into a great rivalry. We have won three games that could have been three losses. Let's make sure Clemson fans see the class of BC fans when they visit Boston every other year.

Kash86 said...
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