Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There is still time

You are probably reading this post in an office or a classroom. It is probably Thursday morning. You're thinking about the big game but are not going (friends didn't want to, funds, etc.). Now you're regretting it. Embrace that feeling of regret. There is still time. There are some cheap flights and hotel rooms out there. You can fly into Orlando and drive. Now is your last chance. If you're on the east coast and want to drive you need to hit the road Thursday afternoon. So think about it. This is a huge moment in BC sports. You should be there. Even if you are going solo, there will be plenty of BC fans around. You've got a few hours to say "what the hell? I'm going!" Friday will probably be too late. Think long and hard about it. You could pull this off.

I hope I'll see you there.


matthew2 said...

Just a quick note to anyone that will be in Jacksonville...

yes we want to be loud and make noise and show the city that we are there.

But remember, the last thing that we need from this is more negative press. Let's not vandalize/verbally or physically assauly anyone/drink and leave terrible impressions etc...

This is a great chance to show our fan base and be loud, but we should do that in a friendly and competitive way!

That being said, let's kick some Hokie ass

CHI_Eagle said...

Agree with Bill-
We drove down to Maryland at the drop of a hat 2 years ago for a regular season game and it is still one of my greatest memories from BC. Just pack up and bail. You will never regret it.
Just don't get down there and dare your roommates to punch eachother in the face, because one of them might spend the first half in the hospital stitching up his face.

wiedemar said...

Hi all-

My name is Reeves Wiedeman - I'm a BC senior and will be reporting from Jacksonville for The Heights.

I'm hoping to get in touch with some BC fans attending the game to write a piece on the atmosphere down in Florida. If you'd be willing to let me give you a call and possibly join you for tailgating or whatever else you're planning doing in Jacksonville on Friday/Saturday, please e-mail me at

Thanks, and enjoy the weekend.

John said...

Seems BC isnt the only team having problems selling tix in Jax - looks like the place is only going to be about 70% full..unfortunately BC will most likely take the blame.

Virginia Tech still has 2,000 tickets remaining of its 10,000-ticket allotment, Athletic Director Jim Weaver said.

Has anyone heard anything official from BC?

America said...

Kind of a follow up to Wiedemar's post. I am the guy who has been making those Ryan for Heisman Videos. I am an '03 grad and am lucky enough to be working for a video production company that is making a DVD of this season. I too will be down there and walking around the tailgates before the game with a video camera. I want to get great footage of us Eagle fans so if you see me call me over and be loud. (I wouldn't mind a beer either.) hahaha
Seriously though I am looking for some good tailgateing for the video. I will have a white BC Hat on (with the angry chicken logo), white BC polo shirt, and kaki pants.


Brian said...

I am flying down tomorrow for the game. I am an 2004 grad, and some of my fondest memories have been at away football games. @ Penn State, @ Notre Dame, @ SF Bowl in 2003.

This year I've been fortunate to go to three away games, two of which we caught lightning in a bottle.

@ Virginia Tech - I drove the 8 hours from the NYC area by myself for this and was not disappointed! I am still somewhat in shock about what happened on that field that night

@ Clemson - this trip was marked on the calendar early and more planned with my BC friends. Standing on the field after the game celebrating with the team was a great feeling and experience

I've had some amazing times this year and made memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are at all on the fence about going to this game, as Bill said, throw caution to the wind. You will not be disappointed if you go.

This team is a special group of guys. Let's do everything we can to support these guys to let them know how proud they've made us grads about our fine institution.

Go BC!

Southern_EAGLE said...

I am fortunate to live in Atlanta and have an understanding wife, so I leave for JAX tomorrow. I've been monitoring the comments all week and can't agree more that if you have anyway to get out of Boston do it now! My fondest memories of college are the last minute road trips. Hotel rooms in downtown JAX are opening up and pricing are dropping.

Having said all that, where are people planning on hanging out on Friday night? I think we all need to take over the landing and let JAC and the Hokies know that BC has arrived and will be kicking some ass.

tpsreports said...

Heading down from Atlanta with a bunch of people and meeting up with alums coming from various locales--we have 6 cars blocked together in the lot at Gate 2--Talleyand Ave. Come on by!
I won't be wearing an enormous, yellow, foam hat but, umm, someone else will be.

Anonymous said...

That Washington Post article in interesting and it raises a number of issues beyond BC's "doesn't travel rap".

It is not a BC issue, it is a conference issue.

1. Does the ACC need a Championship Game? The Pac 10 with similar geography does not have one. Let's tell it like it is, it is there for the money potential, the regular season can determine a conference champ.

2. Is the ACC too spread out and specifically is BC too far removed? Is there another school in the country that has to travel by air over 400 miles to play their closest conference game?

3. If it was a Big East Championship game in Foxboro, NYC or Pittsburgh against West Virginia, how many would be there? Pittsburgh might be a stretch for our fans but WVU would sell it out.

4. Who here is going to travel to Charlotte to the ACC Basketball Championship tournament in March to see a less than stellar BC team? In the old days, the Big East bball tournament was an event and how your team played was an added bonus.

If we win the last two or lose the last two, this has been a great season for BC and JAGS. I have always questioned the move to the ACC (Beyond Duke how many of us have close friends at ACC schools?) and this game brings that relationship into question. Yes we are probably making more money in the ACC, but is that enough?

If we play in Miami or Orlando for New Years, I will be there. Reality is I will be there anyway on vacation, so I am not technically traveling just for the game.

Cliff said...

I'm an '82 grad also making the trip from Atlanta with my 15 year old son. I waffled for a couple of days before ordering my tickets but now I'm getting fired up. Unfortunately my office Christmas party is Friday night so I'll be hitting the road very early on Saturday. Looking forward to catching up with the BC crowd post-game. Being in the ACC has been really nice for us Altanta guys!

America said...

I have been to three road games this year, GT, Maryland, and Clemson. Trust me when I say this moving to the ACC was the best thing BC has ever done. Would you really want to go to Cuse, UCONN, and WV instead. I don't think so. I have been to all those schools for games and nothing but low class fools go to those schools. It shouldn't even be a debate. The Big East more like the Big Least!!

Unknown said...

I read the Post article as well today. I think the real issue is not the conference or the schools or that "BC doesn't travel well." It is Jacksonville. Does anyone going to the game even know anyone that lives there? It is in the middle of nowhere FL and is annoying to get to. And then when you're there, what attraction is there other than the game? VTech has an absolutely HUGE following and they travel like crazy to every game. If they beat us and some other crazy S happens they could be in the championship game! With all that, they can't sell their 10,000 seat allotment? I know the Post's article hits on this, but I think the real problem is Jacksonville. Put the game in Miami and you'll sell that puppy out every year. Alternatively, put it in Charlotte like the article mentioned and you have a spot that is driveable for a great deal of the schools and has an easy airport to get in and out of.

Brian said...

Michael - have to agree about the ACC. Living in NYC, one of the biggest events I miss is the Big East basketball tournament in MSG and away games v. St. Johns.

I'm sure they will tweak the ACC bowl rules yet again if we come up short in the ACCCG and are relegated to the fourth choice of ACC bowls. Playing in a conf championship should not affect your bowl possibilities.

UGA and Kansas most likely won't be penalized for not playing in a conference championship (maybe even 9-3 Illinois, too), likely they will be rewarded with BCS at-large births! How crazy is that?

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the combined costs of airfare, hotel, cab, and game ticket makes the ACC championship just a bit too much out of reach for this recent BC grad. Add in a company presentation tomorrow, and well, I'm going to have to be cheering on the Eagles from my living room. I will be going to whatever bowl game BC lands in though.

I really hope that the ACC considers moving the championshop game a bit more north--Charlotte would be an ideal option, as its closer to many of the schools and is a hub for a major US airline. Maybe even move it to the Washington area (plenty of ACC college grads there, even easier to get to than Charlotte, and a reasonable driving distance for most schools).

Anyway, have fun in JAX guys, and Go Eagles!

Brian said...

The Washington Post article hits the nail on the head. When the ACCCG was first created, the hope was that FSU-Miami would be headliners year in, year out. So a championship game in Florida. The power center in the conference re: football has moved up the coast a bit.

It's time to move this game to DC / Baltimore / Charlotte.

Meaghan said...

Speaking of tailgating, is anyone familiar with what the scene is like near the stadium? I am imaging that it will most likely be largely VT fans since they are somewhat in driving distance (as opposed to most BC fans who will be flying in). Also, are there any designated BC bars in the area where people will be pre-gaming? Are BC fans planning on attending the pep rally near the stadium that morning at 10:45?


Sr.Atlanta said...

Great post as usual. As I've said before, when was the last time BC football played for a championship?! When will you see BC players as good as Ryan, Purvis, Dunbar, Silva etc again?!

I'll be there (Airtran ATL-JAX flight #934 tomorrow @ 5:52pm)

I look forward to BC silencing the critics once and for all!

Carpe diem!!

jms74 said...

We've got a large contingent traveling from both Palm Beach and Broward counties and there should be some tailgating in Parking Section J, also. We've heard that FanFest at the Stadium beginning at 5 PM is fun, followed by fireworks at 10. You would be surprised at the number of non-BC grads (Gators, 'Noles, Commodores, Hoyas, Panthers, Illini) who will be wearing SuperFan shirts Saturday. It's heartening, and they promise to be vocal in their support! We'll see y'all tomorrow night. Safe travels and GO EAGLES!