Saturday, December 29, 2007

Better late than never post game thoughts

Just got back from Orlando (but still in another part of Florida). I had a great time. Before I get into the upcoming blog schedule, let me first offer congrats to to the players and coaches for a great season. 11 wins exceeded most expectations and is a major accomplishment. Keep your fingers crossed for a Top 10 rating at the end of the season. People may dismis this season as winning with TOB players or BC winning during a weak year for the ACC. Nonsense. Taking over a good team doesn't ensure success (just ask Louisville). Jags put together a very good staff and pushed the right buttons all year long. The ACC might not be at its apex, but BC won their division, beat three ranked teams on the road and beat seven bowl teams. Great year for a great group of guys.

I am still away from home and away from my TIVO so the routine is a little off. Here is the blog schedule for the next few days:
-- Pics and video from Orlando
-- Basketball boxscore
-- Year in Review series
-- Second Viewing thoughts and grades
-- More thoughts on the bowl experience for fans

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Boyd said...

Looks like we're a lock for a top 10, given that 10, 11, 12 and 13 all lost. So we don't have to depend on them punishing OU or VT to get the spot. Who wouldn't have taken that at the beginning of the year?