Monday, January 07, 2008

Robert Morris?

We lost to Robert Morris tonight. I am going to avoid the likes and dislikes or any similar dissection because I did not see or listen to the game. It seems like Rice was cold again and the team lost its cool. Let's try to keep it in perspective. Better Skinner teams have lost to worse programs than Robert Morris. We are still young and still coached by Al. This will happen. We just got a major wake-up call before ACC play. This team beat Maryland and a good URI team. The ACC is tough but 6-8 conference wins is still reasonable.

For those who did see the game, please add anything of value in the comments.


Walter said...

I didn't see the game, but I listened to the broadcast.

Much like with Kansas, our turnovers seemed to be our crucifying point. The announcers were furious with how inconsistent we were. It sounded like we had five good minutes then fifteen terrible ones in both halves.

Also, Robert Morris was 10-5 going into the game, I think. It certainly isn't great, but, at least they weren't Longwood.

eagle98alum said...

I was at Conte tonight. I left
disgusted! We came out with NO EMOTION!! Ok, i take that back,
Tyrese Rice got a technical about
5minutes into the game, almost
got into a fight with a Rober Morris player. I thought he
was going to get this team
fired up and then nothing! It
was very disapoointing tonight
to watch the "leaders" melt down.
Rice and Blair both got techs
and other than that were awfuL!
No Emotion. This
team lacks the leadership
that Dudley and yes Sean Marshall
brought to the Eagles the
past few years.

Robert Morris played very well
and gave 110%. BC did not deserve
to win. Felt like they didn't
care at all. Not a good way
to start ACC play. Regardless,
if a leader steps up BC can
regroup and make some noise.
An NCAA bid is still within
reach, 8-9 ACC wins will put
this YOUNG team on the bubble.
Hopefully Rice or someone else
will step up.

ON a side note, someone really
needs to tell Coach Skinner
to play Josh Southern. We
are very weak in the post
and Southern can only help
in the paint. Give him some

Unknown said...

I was at Conte tonight and it was pretty evident that Robert Morris, from coach to bench, came to Boston tonight intending to win. They put forth so much energy all night and deserved to win.

Tyrelle Blair's technical foul, by the way, was for giving a Robert Morris player a little "kick" while he was down after a made-basket. Easily the stupidest thing I have ever seen a player do on the court.

One problem that is glaring, as far as our actual ball-playing, is our inability to make the "entrance" pass into the paint. Kansas and R.M. locked down the paint and we gave up numerous turnovers by predictably making those passes into the paint. We need to have more movement in order to avoid that predictability.


matthew2 said...

eagle 98 ---

All because this team is not as good as last year does not mean that rice is not a good leader/ capable of leading the team. i'm not comparing him to last year's leaders, but I am saying that he is capable and seems to be filling the role relatively nicely.

As far as Southern goes.... I am sure Skinner would play him if he thought it were best for Josh and the team... I suggest trusting his judgement. I don't think anyone is happy with our interior play this year, but Skinner does things his way, and Southern does not fit this year's plan.

JM88 said...

leadership comes from the top. i have not been impressed with al skinner this year or last. i see our guys making the same mistakes over and over again. i believe a good coach addresses that. trust me, i understand we are young and will make mistakes, but we are talking some fundamentals here. i also feels like he often loses control of his team. its one thing to be controlled on the bench, but it would be nice to see some emotion every now and then to show hes still interested.
another thing, the tight flex offense is not going to work with this's just not. a good coach adjusts his system to his personnel. we have zero inside presence this year, we need to spread it out and let tyrese rice and rakim sanders and others make plays the way the know how.

bceagle08 said...

I disagree about the flex- Raji and Sanders are perfect flex players. The problem last night was more with matching up against the zone than anything else. They were able to pack it in because we weren't hitting anything outside. Down the stretch we seemed to have some success isolating Sanders on the blocks but he was facing double and triple teams because no one could knock down shots.

I hate to single out players at this level but right now I am VERY down on Roche. He offers absolutely nothing and cant even knock down open shots. I know there are many more problems such as the team rebounding but to me Roche represents all of the problems this team has- lack of intensity, plays D but can't rebound, can't shoot or make productive passes on offense.

Maryland Conservatarian said...

wow - losing at home to Robert Morris - does this mean Al now drops them from his OOC schedule

eagleboston said...

Can someone explain to my why Tom O'Brien, BC's winningest football coach was ripped apart by BC fans, but Al Skinner gets a free pass? I don't see what the hoopla is about this guy. He is medicore at best and I think the website needs to get up and running soon.

morrina said...

I was at the game. Rice is doing all he can, but he is shouldered with a team with very little talent among the upperclassmen. Roche, Spears, Oates and Blair are fine playing against far inferior squads, but against more athletic teams (and, yes, believe it or not RM was more athletic) they clearly are overmatched. I would love to see the freshmen get more playing time, especially Paris and Raji. They may be inexperienced and will make more mistakes, but their athleticism is far more than we are getting from the older guys. Most of us know this is a rebuilding year, but we still held out a slim hope for making it to the NCAA bubble. I think we all need a reality check...this team is headed to the NIT, IF they can finish over .500.

Bravesbill said...

Amen eagleboston. I've been calling for Skinner's head for the past 6 years. Al is a good recruiter, a good talent developer, but he is a horrible game coach. He would be a great assistant coach, but he will always only be a mediocre head coach.