Friday, February 01, 2008


Almost as ugly as I expected. A good start fell apart in the closing minutes of the first half (sound familiar?). We really need other scorers. Rice cannot do it alone and Sanders is not consistent enough. Southern played better than expected in extended playing time. The other

This is not a championship team but enough pieces are there. Can it come together this season? The team needs to find its way: be patient with the offense and work to find better shot. The defense is not bad considering the talent matchups. They just need better rebounding.

Let's hope the team finds itself and what works in the Clemson game.


Big Jack Krack said...

I was at the game, and by Dean Smith Dome standards, the crowd was laid back and flat. That's because it was a very unexciting game. Those types of games are not enjoyable to watch.

UNC scored 11 straight points to end the first half, and 10 straight to start the second half - game over. What's more - it was entirely expected.

This team won't get better until next year, and won't be back to the level we had come to enjoy for a couple of years.

It's not fair to expect too much from these freshmen. I'm not going to pick on the players but they are overmatched against the better teams - and in a game like last night, I could tell that they knew it before it started. The team I saw beat UNC 2 years ago at the same location was light years ahead of this one.

I'd like to meet you at Clemson, Bill, but I have decided to play golf, work around the house and enjoy my evening. Good luck at the game.

I got to speak with former presidential candidate John Edwards at halftime - that was interesting.

Xman said...

Not to name names, but Roche is worthless and provides NOTHING of value to this team. Why not let some younger players who will actually be something contribute to the team in the future get some minutes on the floor?

Roche's line in UNC Box Score: 18 Minutes, 0-0 FG, 1-2 FT, 0 Rebounds, 0 Assists, 1 Point, 0 Fouls.

morrina said...

joseph, i couldn't agree more....and that's been going on all season, the kids a starter and he's not had a decent game all year that i can remember.

on another note concerning who i see as the next least-effective player.....i can't let this go unnoticed (from
"I'm smarter than to publicly criticize refs, but some of the calls might have been a little tough," Oates said. "They're good enough, particularly Hansbrough, and then you have stuff like that. That made it a lot harder. We're having a hard enough time anyway."

are you kidding me? that comment is an embarrassment to the team. skinner should put a gag on him for the rest of the year for that.

Big Jack Krack said...

Joseph - I agree with you about Roche. Give other, younger players a chance. A starter should get off some shots in 18 minutes (and his 1 for 2 free throw effort came early - basically he did nothing for 16 or 17 minutes). No offense and weak on defense - whay is he starting? Oates seemed to let his frustration get to him early - he was ineffective because of his attitude as much as anything.

Meanwhile, several of the calls on Blair and Oates WERE awful.

matthew2 said...

In my opinion, Oates was no different last night than he ever is. After every call, he has the same confused/distraught look on his face. He then seeks out the ref who made the call and tells him why it wasn't a foul. I saw no change last night.

I wonder if all the refs respond with "the less defensive technique you have, the more likely a ref is to call a foul on you".