Friday, February 08, 2008

The star-crossed recruiting class of 2006

For close observers of the program the recruiting class of 2006 was one of the early signs that the TOB era might be coming to an end. First there were some head-scratching recruits. Critics felt BC was too passive and filled the class with low hanging fruit and reaches. Once the kids got on campus many showed promise. So much promise in some cases that TOB strayed from one of his tenants and played many as true freshman. Their immediate impact invigorated certain areas but shifted the programs focus from long-term development. The robbing Peter to pay Paul didn’t matter to TOB since he wasn’t going to benefit in 2010 when these true freshmen would have been fifth-year seniors.

Playing true freshmen certainly has its merits. Unhappy players do not. Very early on there were rumblings that these kids weren’t enjoying their time at the Heights. Unhappiness combined with the inevitable transfers that occur during a coaching change also thinned out the class.

In addition to the thin roster, this class has had some plain old back luck. Who knows what the future holds for Fox, Lindsey, Bagan and Davis? I hope they all have great careers, but their injuries or issues may linger.

Take a look at how our 2006 recruits stand:

Only two years of eligibility remaining
Mark Herzlich
Jack Geiser
Alex Albright
Wes Davis
Roderick Rollins
Justin Jarvis

No longer in program
Jeff Smith
Ross Applegate
Warren Wilson
Josh Neubert
Reshaude Goodwyn

Tough luck
Chris Fox – badly broke leg – missed most of 2007
Ryan Lindsey – major knee injury - missed 2007
Wes Davis – head injury missed most of 2007
Darius Bagan – missed 2007 due to grades

Who will have eligibility in 2010 as fifth year Seniors
Darius Bagan
Thomas Claiborne
Bill Flutie
Chris Fox
Richard Lapham
Ryan Lindsey
James McCluskey
Jordon McMichael
Damik Scafe

This recruiting class shows how recruiting rankings are only part of the story. How they progress, coaching changes and a few tough breaks here and there can make a difference. By 2010, Jags should have enough of his own guys in the program to offset any issues from this thin roster. It will be interesting to see if there are any more bumps in the road for this group of guys.


Melman said...

Wes Davis got hurt in the 3rd game of the year and may be able to get a medical redshirt year for 2007. If he does then he would have a
5th year.

Big Jack Krack said...

I am going to look at the development of the 2008 recruiting class in a couple of years to see how these individuals have fared.

I think it will be a very positive review.

There are definitely some outstanding players in the 06 class, but I think the 08 class is better as well as the 07 class.

Unknown said...

Nice post! Can’t wait for the next one. Keep stuff like this coming.

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