Sunday, February 03, 2008

Thoughts and pics from Clemson

This could be a long month. In a game that mirrored much of what happened in Chapel Hill, the team just couldn't capitalize on Clemson's off night shooting and had trouble with the Tiger's D. It all comes back to the inside. The rebounding was poor and no one is really able to create anything close to the basket. That leaves Rice and Sanders to make things happen on the perimeter and led to a few shot clock violations. The most encouraging part is seeing Southern continue to play and exert himself. We need someone inside who can rebound and get some scrappy points. We've given the older guys a shot, so we might as well see what Southern can do. Also, let me say that the four freshmen who play are all doing well. This will come together. I just hope it happens this season, not next.

Here are my pictures from the game. As always, the Clemson fans couldn't have been cooler.


Xman said...

In their combined 32 minutes, Roche and Oates accounted for 3 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist while providing no defense. Once again, their +/- ratio on the floor was despicable. I thought for sure that BC would win at halftime. But then the 2nd Half began, Roche and Oates were on the floor, and Clemson began with a 9-0 run. BC has no chance when both of these players play more than 10 minutes combined. They are clearly not ACC players and are borderline D-1 players.

Hopefully Southern's emergence spells Pine Time for Oates.

BC was out-rebounded 29-18, 19-7 on offensive boards. We had 18 turnovers while they had 9. We are not going to win games when this continues to happen.

This team misses Jared Dudley for his rebounding skills alone.

The freshman played well. Their confidence should begin to soar.

Andrea Martin said...

Bill- What was the game atmosphere/crowd like at Littlejohn? We really need to do something about the Conte experience

ATL_eagle said...

joseph, Blair deserves to be lumped in with Oates and Roche. He is not bringing much defensively either.

amartin, littlejohn -- like death valley and everything about Clemson -- is top notch. Packed with the steep seats that makes everyone feel right on top of the action. They also do a good job with the music lights and halftime shows. When they were doing their intros my wife said "this feels like Rocky IV."

Jeff said...

atl, How about those kids on the unicycles at halftime? Wasn't that awesome? I'm still amazed at what I saw and I was watching from the top row. I didn't have prime seats like yourself. The stadium and experience was much better than what I expected just from having watched some Clemson games on TV.