Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Pro Day stuff

SI.com's Don Banks had the most thorough article on the Pro Day. He included many positive quotes from NFL sources, but also added this nugget which complemented Ryan at the expense of his teammates:
"Those Boston College receivers that he was throwing to, there's not a lot of talent there," he said. "It tells me that Matt Ryan must be a pretty impressive leader, a pretty impressive kid to have won 11 games this year with some mediocre talent around him. And that's taking into account those receivers and those linemen. They weren't much. To win 11 games in the ACC, which is a pretty good league, he must be a pretty good kid and a pretty good quarterback."

NFL.com had the following videos: An overview on Ryan | Ryan talks with Mayock | Mayock on Ryan and Cherilus

The Giants were one of the teams checking out Cherilus. Former BC offensive line coach, current BC Dad and current Carolina Panthers coach Dave Magazu was on the Heights to see Gos. (It was also a nice excuse to see his son Dom.)

Boston.com also had a short video of the day.

This clip has nothing to do with the draft, but I just came across it tonight in a search.


Alex F. said...

I'd forgotten Gailey was the Chiefs OC now....wonder if he's lobbying for Ryan after that performance in Atlanta in September.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm happy that Matt is representing our school - he is a class act. There's not much we can do about the Ryan Doubters or the BC Haters - Matt has positioned himself for a very good outcome on draft day. Whether he is the first overall, third, fifth, or eighth pick - who cares? Whichever team drafts him will be getting an extraordinarily dedicated quarterback who might well be a star in the years to come.

I wish all of the other seniors well who are projected as draft picks - and others who will be perhaps undrafted, but who will get the chance to prove themselves. It's exciting to see BC with so many players with potential NFL careers.

I'm quietly rooting for William Green to be picked up by someone with a minimum contract. I think he's ready to help someone out, and could be a steal at small money.

luch said...

the video is sweet. hilarious to see the Bush Man as the professor.

Big Jack Krack said...

This explains William Green's disappointing time in the 40 yard dash (from the Boston Globe):

"Former BC running back William Green attempted to jump-start a comeback into the NFL at Pro Day. While he struggled in his 40-yard dash after slipping at the start, he impressed with a 42-inch vertical jump and 25 repetitions on the bench press (225 pounds)

Matt Fairchild (matt@sportscrack.com) said...

I feel bad for Matt Ryan in a way because he is being so over hyped at this point and honestly he doesn't deserve it. A great kid, I wish the best, but I see bust written all over him especially for a QB with his low QB rating and high interception rate.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Matt:

I agree that this thing is over-hyped, but we can't blame Ryan for that.

If we had the time, I believe we could explain many of his 19 interceptions away, so that he was back down to a manageable number.

As an example, in the ACC Championship game, he directed the team down the field for the go-ahead score with the clock running down. Unfortunately, the score had to be a touchdown, rather than a field goal, because of special team errors. With 4th and goal, there was almost a jailhouse break by the Virginia Tech defenders and he was simply trying to make a play in a very desperate situation.

Later, with only seconds to play, Ryan was still trying to make something happen on his own end of the field, when there was another jailbreak by the defenders. His desperation pass was batted/deflected right into Adibi's hands - end of story.

What would we have thought of Ryan if he ate those balls or threw them away? He was doing what the BC fans demanded of him - and even though his receivers played as hard as anyone, they were not superstars.

What did he have for TD passes? Thirty one (31) I think. I have explained away 2 interceptions - a couple more and his ratio is 2 touchdown passes per 1 interception with a limited receiving corps and struggling offensive line.

I think he will be a successful pro, and I think he's as good as Eli Manning, the SB Champion, who struggled his first 3 years for sure.

The situation would be better with less hype - he's dealing with it better than we are. Matt Ryan didn't ask for this.

X said...

Yes, poor Matt Ryan. Hopefully he'll find a way to free himself from that heavy burden. Must be a tough life.


matthew2 said...

In his senior season, another college QB went 221-378 (.584) for 2432 yards. He had 17 TDs, 23 INT (also had 23 INT in his junior season) and a college career low rating of 67.3. The year was 1982. The college was Pittsburgh. The QB was dan marino.

For the Dolphins sake, I hope that they end up with this bust of a QB as well.

Unknown said...

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