Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thoughts on the Spring Game

I try not to read to much into any Spring Game. That said, here were my takeaways:
-- I was surprised by going shotgun style formations may be gone for next season.
-- Crane and Davis both looked comfortable running the spread plays.
-- Crane had his moments but still made some bad throws.
-- Davis is raw. So is Boek.
-- Johnson... there wasn't much to see and his one long pass was terrible.
-- Haden showed a nice spark, however, his final stats weren't that impressive. Mulrooney also looked decent.
-- The offensive line looked solid.
-- As for the D, good for the most part. They didn't put much pressure on the QBs, but did a decent job containing long plays and forcing turnovers.

Crane is not Ryan, but word out of practice is that he's playing well. Nothing I saw today made me change my opinion. He is capable of putting together a nice season and getting us back to a bowl game.

Hats off to BC for one of the better Spring Games. I heard glowing reports from those who attended the festivities. Attendance also seemed higher than past years (the weather helped). Also, thanks to BC and ACC Select for adding the broadcast late this week.

Let me know your thoughts.


Claver2010 said...

Neither Raji nor Brace played yesterday. I think that when they do it'll allow Albirhg ton the edge and other LBs to get better lanes to the QB.

Nick P. said...

The quarterbacks looked terrible yesterday. I was there in person, but missed the first 20 minutes, so I didn't see Crane complete 7 straight passes. What I did see, though, were a lot forced throws into coverage from all three QBs and two or three interceptions. I know the defense is good, but the QBs were attempting iladvised passes and they didn't seem to read the play very quickly. Both Crane and Davis were staring down their receivers.

Overall, I didn't come away feeling as good about the team as I did going in. The defense is going to have to compensate a lot for the offense this coming year.

On another note, the player at our table during the breakfast before the game told me they've changed the offense to the spread option. Our offense is apparently going to look a lot like Florida's this year.

John Macek III said...

Nick, if BC is switching to a spread option, or incorporating more aspects of it, then it will take some time to adjust. Wait until summer practices end and BC gets a game under its belt against Kent State to judge where the offense is.

Anfield10 said...

I am a little worried about transitioning to the spread offense. I kind of feel like it is a phase in college football, it isn't what we traditionally do, and to be successful it requires the kind of player BC doesn't normally have (i.e. lightning fast). I feel like we should just focus on our usual sets and try to work in a couple more formations or something rather than altering the entire offense of our program

Nick P. said...

Christopher, I feel pretty much the same way as you. I don't know if it's a rational fear though...maybe it boils down to fear of the unknown. I'd hate to see us lose our identity (i.e. what we're really good at) as a football program.