Friday, June 06, 2008

Chris Crane then

Four years into his BC career, we are still not sure what we have in Chris Crane. We know his size and his stats. We know he is cut from the same mold as our last batch of QBs (tall, white, from the northeast, product of the Dana Bible summer camps). Expectations for him this season are relatively low. No one thinks he'll be Matt Ryan. My hope is that he is steady and keeps the team in games.

Crane coming out of high school
Low expectations aren't a new thing. As a prospect, not much was expected of Crane.

Rivals gave Crane 3 stars and ranked him as the 17th overall QB prospect in 2004.

Scout gave Crane 2 stars and ranked him as the 62nd best QB prospect in 2004.

BC's own press release on signing day focused on Brian Toal and Marquise Liverpool.

In this article Crane explains that the decision came down to BC, Clemson, Stanford and Virginia. Not a bad group from which to choose, but it is not as if BC won a recruiting battle over national powers for Crane's services. (Also of note in that article: Crane talks about Peterson and Porter but doesn't mention Ryan. Shows how things pan out.)

20/20 hindsight on 2004
Regardless of how Crane does, I think it is safe to say he was the best prospect we focused on in his class. Take a look at the other QBs BC recruited in 2004. (And it wasn't just BC...looking back 2004 will prove to be a poor year for QB prospects. Here are the pro style and dual threats from that year. Not many all conference players.)


Andrea Martin said...

Forgot how good that class was. Some very, very good players: Brace, Akins, Ayers, Toal, Raji, Francois, Purvis, BRob, hopefully Crane..

Big Jack Krack said...

I think Crane will be up to the task and really surprise some people.

He may well turn out to be like Flynn at LSU - loyally waiting in the wings and being ready all that time, and performing very well when he finally got his chance.

I know that the coaching philosophy is changing, but Crane may well be the final link from the old to the new.

amartin - you are right - we have some great players in this class.

Big Jack Krack said...

Whatever happened to Liverpool?

ATL_eagle said...

Liverpool decided to play baseball. He couldn't hit a curve so he signed with Temple last year.