Monday, June 23, 2008

Et tu, HBO?

HBO is producing a documentary on the Duke-North Carolina rivalry. It is bad enough that ESPN and all its tentacles put the Blue Devils and Heels above all other programs, but now one of the leading ESPN alternatives is continuing this larger (and largely unchallenged) media narrative. Like all other HBO docs, I am sure it will be good. I just wish they had picked a different subject.

From a BC perspective, the Duke-UNC thing is a double-edged sword. We benefit financially due to our conference partnership. The flip side is that we and nine other schools play second fiddle when it comes to perception amongst the media, fans and recruits.


Unknown said...

The Iron Bowl in football puts this rivalry to shame, it just doesnt get the same attention b/c ESPN is so into the UNC Duke thing.

matthew2 said...

in my opinion, the 2 Carolina schools deserve the press that they get. They have earned it and their rivalry lives up to the hype every year. As a college basketball fan, I can't get enough of Duke-UNC basketball games.