Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What to make of the scrimmage schedule

While the team continues to practice, they have curtailed scrimmages. Jags hopes to use the extra time to prep for Week 2 opponent Georgia Tech's unique offense.

A few fans are fretting that this team and its new QB need more scrimmages. Crane himself has said he hasn't been in enough "live" situations. I am not that concerned. Team practices include enough full contact, 11-on-11 drills to get the team ready. Plus Jags 2008 scrimmage timeline is not that different from recent seasons.

Final Scrimmage: August 19
First Game: September 1

Final Scrimmage: August 21
First Game: August 31

Final Scrimmage: August 24
First Game: September 3

Final Scrimmage: August 24
First Game: September 2

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Andrew said...

Is it safe assume that they will implement the basics of Johnsons offense now, followed by buckling down on Kent St. the week leading up to that game? If so my initial reaction that we may be overlooking Kent St. will be nullified.