Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Could BC host Gameday October 18?

The comments in the bowl post brought up Gameday coming to BC for the Virginia Tech game. I wouldn't say BC is the favorite, but there is a chance. Take a look at the contenders:

Vanderbilt at Georgia
Pros: Assuming wins this weekend, the game will feature two ranked SEC teams.
Cons: Both schools have hosted Gameday already this season.

Kansas at Oklahoma
Pros: Might be the best game of the day.
Cons: Would they want Oklahoma involved in Gameday two weeks in a row? What happens if Oklahoma loses this weekend?

Mizzou at Texas
Pros: Two of the best QBs in the country. Daniels is the Heisman front runner.
Cons: Similar to Oklahoma, would they want Texas involved in Gameday two weeks in a row? What happens if Texas loses this weekend?

Cal at Arizona
Pros: Fresh location for the show. Rising Arizona program.
Cons: Neither team is ranked. What happens if Arizona loses this weekend?

Pitt at Navy
Pros: Gameday loves unique locations. Both are good stories.
Cons: Doesn't have national interest.

Ohio State at Michigan State
Pros: ABC is scheduled to broadcast the game. Could help decide the Big Ten
Cons: Ohio State fatigue. What happens if MSU loses to Northwestern this weekend?

Virginia Tech at Boston College
Pros: ACC location as opposed to another SEC. BC last hosted four years ago and has only hosted once.
Cons: BC may not be ranked by the game. National perception is that the ACC is down.

My guess is they will go to one of the Big XII sites. It will be a slight repeat of this week, but one of those will be the biggest game. I also think the Cal-Arizona game also sounds appealing. Clearly there are no locks. Maybe BC and the ACC should get on the horn to Bristol now and start the hard sell.


furrer4heisman said...

Good stuff. I didn't realize the week's schedule was weak enough for VT-BC to be in the conversation.

My guess is the OU-Texas winner hosts on the 18th. That's assuming both KU and Mizzou win as well Saturday.

It would take a colossal amount of upsets for GameDay to go to Boston.

Erik said...

It'd be tough to turn down Chase Daniel For Heisman hype.

Lally said...

I kind of think we were one of those 'unique' locations in 2005. A school in Boston! With football! Wow!

If we didn't merit a Gameday last year with all the Matty Ice hype, I don't think they'll be back to Chestnut Hill until shortly before they do the Amherst-Williams game again.

Old Heightsonian said...

A point of clarification: It has been three years since Gameday was last on the Heights, not four.

Raj said...

Depending on the red sox, that could be another pro for gameday coming. Just another story to go along with football. Although i hate the link between BC and Boston Pro Sports.

LEt's make a push for us to sell out this game... tickets are still available. Buy them up, anyone who's on the fence.

Eagle in Brighton said...

I think it'll be Mizzou at Texas, but I've seen crazier things happen before.

I just want a W, regardless of what network we're on.

My Q is for the ND game: is definitely tagged for NBC, or any chance ESPN/ABC picks that up?

ATL_eagle said...

The Notre Dame game will not be on NBC. NBC only holds the rights to ND home games. It will be on ABC/ESPN.

testing thing said...

Addition to the Pro: It's Doug Flutie statue night. That is a draw, especially since he works there. He could be their "special" guest.