Thursday, November 06, 2008

BC-Notre Dame preview

This game means nothing. This game means everything. That’s just the way it is with BC and Notre Dame. Saturday Alumni will be filled with BC fans who haven’t been to a game in years and couldn’t name one player. Tickets are going for as much as $500. I dread the overemphasis on Notre Dame, but it does have its benefits. This team needs new life and new focus. A win this Saturday will provide it. A win this Saturday could also build momentum towards the ACC games that do matter.

Narrative talking point that you’ll tire of by the end of the game.
“Both these teams need the win to become bowl eligible.” For bowl purposes, BC needs this win much more than Notre Dame. The ACC may have 10 eligible teams for only nine slots. BC faces FSU, Wake and Maryland in the coming weeks. We’ll probably be underdogs in all three. A win this Saturday assures a .500 record and likely gets BC into a bowl. The Irish still have games with Navy and Syracuse. They will go bowling regardless of what happens Saturday.

Three Simple Keys
1. Contain the big pass play. Notre Dame can put up points quickly. They have talented WRs and Clausen throws a nice deep ball. BC needs to watch the deep throws and the safeties need to play the game of their lives.
2. Dominate their defensive line. Notre Dame can be run on. Our inconsistent line needs to show up this weekend and open lanes for Harris and Haden.
3. Minimize Special Teams mistakes. For every good special teams moment there has been at least three bad ones. That can’t keep happening. No big returns. No missed field goals.

Gambling notes
-- Charlie Weis is 11-6 on the road as the Irish Head Coach
-- BC is 2-0 as the home favorite against Notre Dame.
-- BC has not lost three games in a row since the bridge between the 1999 and 2000 seasons.
The current line is BC-3.5.

BC has played 99 games since our last loss to the Irish.

Scoreboard watching
We pretty much need to run the table to have any shot at the Atlantic what others do is not that important. Maryland is the only team we need to lose, but they play Thursday, not this Saturday.

I hope to see…
Big plays from our running backs. Haden and Harris are improving each week, but neither has had a big play against top flight teams. A nice TD run could provide a good boost and open things up for the passing game.

BC is in trouble if…
Notre Dame scores 14 or more points in the second half. The Irish have jumped out to quick leads in many of their games. I think BC can survive another first half hole if we make adjustments and slow them in the second half.

Bottom Line
This game like so many this season comes down to BC's offense. I think BC can hold Notre Dame to less than 30 points. Is there any way Crane and Co. can keep pace though? I think the pumped up atmosphere and an offense that is only a few plays here and there from being better will make the difference in BC’s win.
Final Score: BC 28, Notre Dame 24.


Unknown said...

Do we have a new kicker? I don't remember seeing this name on the roster before but it caught my eye on

anyone know about Greg Abilheira?

eagle1331 said...

has to be an Apo style walk on...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

yeah he kicked a PAT against URI. Walk on without much of a leg. He's from RI and I believe his Dad has cancer so Jags let him kick against the school from his home state when the game was in hand

Eagle1 said...

No BC-ND preview is complete without a viewing of these gems ("Touchdown! . . . the other guy.):

Proud Knight said...

Keys to the ND vs BC Game:

Big Jack Krack said...

Had to fly to DC today, but will be back in Chestnut Hill in time for the hockey game.

Good post Weisgipper - this is why we play the game - to see if the strategies actually work.

I still get really excited when ND takes the field - knowing that we can play with them and that we have a good chance to beat them.

Again, pray for no serious injuries - we've had 3 really tough ones this season and I really feel bad for the players - Megwa is really injured badly.

ORDEagle said...

Did anyone else see the "Dr. Lou" segment on the game last night? it was it's normal lame self but the funny part was Mark Wahlberg asking Dr. Lou asking him about "his beloved Eagles, Boston College" against ND this weekend. Typically the answer was random, incoherent and didn't adress the question. He ranted about the '93 game. But I didn't know Marky Mark was a fan!