Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hoops news: Bryant win and Dudley traded

Beating up on Bryant
Al and guys took care of Bryant Wednesday night. Bryant is a fledgling program under BC grad and former Skinner assistant Tim O'Shea. Not much can be taken away from the win. All the regulars played well and they controlled the tempo throughout. If you are going to glean anything from the game, it would be the limited future of Dunn and Roche. They only saw the floor for a few minutes even though the game was never in doubt. Roche only has one year of eligibility left, but Dunn has got to be thinking about transferring.

Dudley now a Sun
Jared Dudley has a new team. I wish Dudley had been traded to the old Suns. They played smart, offensive focused basketball. He would have thrived picking up points. This year's Suns team is a different animal. That is problem 1. Problem 2 is that with Richardson heading to Phoenix too, the Suns are loaded at the wing spots. I doubt Dudley will see his minutes increase. Let's hope Jared catches on somewhere. His skill set translates to this level. He just needs a staff that believes in him.


johnoatesforthree said...

i was really surprised that the articles i read barely mentioned dudley as even being involved in this trade. i totally agree with you though, he was such a smart player he will have success at some point.

Deacon Drake said...

Probably a good situation for him... Grant Hill is turning 100 this year and is logging alot of minutes early, and Matt Barnes has a very similar skill set.

Of course I'd prefer if D'Antoni was still there... he's some sort of savant, as evidenced by the Knicks turnaround in spite of selling everyone off.

Erik said...

There goes that whole "Dudley will be Larry Brown's favorite player" theory.

morrina said...

Just noticed the box score from the Yahoo link you provided. It gives an attendance of 3200. There may have been 1000 there, if that, including about 10-20 "Superfans" in the student sections.