Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tripped up in Tampa

I am pretty sure Sisyphus was a BC fan. Tough day. We got beat in all aspects of the game. And we are left one step away from the ultimate goal...again.

No regrets though. I think those of us there had fun.

I'll have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


Ryan said...

Not related, but basketball just choked away a lead at the end of the game vs. UMass, now in OT. Free throw shooting once again costs the team.

Walter said...

Hey, at least they pulled through though at the end!

Joe Bags said...

I don't regret going, but it will be a long time before I can call this a fun trip. I had more fun last year, I guess because I didn't think they would win last year. I was convinced they were taking it this year. It hurts. I spent a lot of money to watch the season die a slow agonizing death on the field.

eagleinexile said...

This one really hurt, mostly because of what Joe Baggs said above. I thought we had this one despite the fact that I never thought we would be in this game. However, BC Football has become the "Red Sox" of Boston area sports, especially in the way the fans have their hopes dashed.

I predict a poor fan showing at whatever second rate bowl they end up in. I was hoping for the EagleBank Bowl in DC because it would make the game a drive for most of our fan base, and I just do not see our fans shelling out close to a grand to go to Nashville, no offense Music City, you're a lot better than Boise.

Oh well, time to get behind Hockey and Basketball, and does anyone know what happened to the all-Maroon uniforms the team donned in Boise? I thought they looked good, a lot better than ND looks in those green things.

Matt said...

I disagree with eagleinexitle. I hope we never go all maroon again --- teams that wear "all dark" look like they're wearing pajamas.

On this same note, it's time BC went back to our traditional "block" numbers and letters on the uniforms. This italicized nonsense looks ridiculous. The traditional look is worn by all of the schools that BC wants to compete with --- both academically and athletically --- we should stop trying to be "fashionable" (we're not Oregon or Miami). Can you imagine Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Texas, or any storied program adopting some trendy uniform fad? One of the best parts of college football is the tradition associated with it and our uniforms should reflect that.

eagleboston said...

I think BC Nation was way over-confident going into this game and I posted that last week. Teams just don't win championships with freshman qb's. It doesn't happen. I don't care how good your defense is, you still have to score points. And unless your freshman is the Second Coming, they are not going to perform well against a defense as good as Bud Foster's lunchbox crew.

Now, to be fair, all of this cannot fall on Davis' shoulders. The defense gave up too many yards on the ground and the offense never established the run. Both lines were manhandled. Further, you will never win a championship with 4 turnovers.

I think we have to look at the game as a learning experience for the young players. It is unlikely they will be back next year as even Va Tech has not been to the 'ship 3 years in a row and I don't think we have a championship caliber qb yet, but hopefully in in a couple years we will be back and can get over the hump.

eagle1331 said...

I was at the game last year and this year. I have to say, I had a lot more fun in Jacksonville. I think the city did a better job of organizing the night before and getting all the fans out in the same area, which I really enjoyed. I barely saw any BC or VT fans Friday night, and my friends and I spent nearly $60 on cabs bouncing around the city.

Re: the game. We looked like the UNC game, which was my only hope we wouldn't. If we at least looked competitive I would have had a better trip.

We came out flat, Dom D was clearly rattled as soon as we were losing and couldn't put a pass within 5 feet of a receiver, the defensive line only occasionally got pressure on #5, the receivers dropped key passes. It was just awful. It will be awhile before I can travel again.

Big Jack Krack said...

Looks like the Music City Bowl in Nashville against the SEC. As Jags said "The way it is," he said, "is unless you win, you are going to a fifth- or sixth-tier bowl."

This is our fate in the ACC. Anyhow, who cares about Jacksonville and if Atlanta doesn't want us who cares about them either. Nashville is probably fun, but the weather is unpredictable. Most times I feel to heck with the bowls - let's win the season and finally win the championship game - if not next year, how about 2010 in Charlotte.

Can't wait for the ACCCG to move to Charlotte - it's an ACC area and the games will be better attended (unless BC plays Miami). Tampa is not the place - no fault of their own. Swofford was nuts to put this game in Florida. VT plays better in an empty stadium than BC.

Joe Bags and eagleinexile - I think we were doomed when Crane went down at Wake Forest. Davis tried, but VT had the right idea - make him beat us, and he couldn't do it. I thought we had it this year also - except the doubts crept in as soon as I saw Davis' first few series yesterday - Oh Boy! We really didn't have much chance unless we won 10 to 7.

We had too many key injuries once again and could have used Crane, Haden and Akins yesterday for sure - never mind the others.

Very disappointing and I know the players must be pretty down right now. Let's keep the bowl winning streak going!!! It means a lot to BC, and will come in handy when we finally make it to the big time BCS game. Let's keep our heads up.

Thanks BC for an exciting season. Thanks seniors - and best of luck in your futures.

Joe Bags said...

eagle1331 - Completely agree about Friday night, the "party" at Channelside Harbor was not organized at all, and most of the bars there were filled with locals, not tourists in town for the game. The Friday night atmosphere was better in JAX.

The cabs were very expensive.

The ladies in Tampa lived up to the billing, I'll give them that.

Anonymous said...

Typical. None of us expected to be in this game, yet everybody bitches and moans that we fell short. I say support the team; support Jags. Folks need to support the program with their asses in the seats and with money. That's what it'll take to make BC a better program. This sure as hell beats the other Atlantic Division teams watching us on TV the last two years. I am not happy with the result, but in the end, I stand with BC.

BeantownBC85 said...

Looks like the Eagle 12 or whatever that we all harassed for predicting a 40 point VT win was closer to the mark than we were.

I would say we're the Red Sox, but the Red Sox had more consistent winning and titles and history in their past. Sigh. Sadly, we're not there yet, but damnit, I hope we find a way. Something tells me we will, but the waiting is the hardest part, isnt that right Tom Petty?

And yes, never wear the monochrome maroon. The Redskins tried it and looked horrible, but they also had a red helmet to boot. But regardless, this isn't high school football. Have a touch of class.

Well, I'll say something Red Soxy: there's always next year.

Deacon Drake said...

Neither FSU nor Clemson have made the ACCCG the last 3 seasons... it was a disappointing 3 hours, but waking up this morning, it is clear that this team proved more than last year's... no poster boy, no established leaders on either side of the ball. We need a fullback for games like that.

The confirmation word was dillsack.

bc1900 said...

On another note, I heard that BU had tons of fans at Conte yesterday who were louder than the BC fans. I just think the students aren't into sports as much as the alumni it seems.

eagleinexile said...

My point about not expecting to be there, but sill thought we could win was based on my guess at the beginning of the season and my assessment of how we have been playing recently. Also, VT's paltry performance against UVA was not eye-watering. Taylor really dialed up his game yesterday, and because the ACC screwed us into playing VT every year (why not Duke? It makes sense as an academic rivalry), we can expect more of him and probably a loss or two because of Taylor. Also, VT's RB Evans became a new man after we beat them, and he looked so much more crisp and quick than most of our team.

Why is everyone hating on the all-maroon? We wear all-white and that looks really bad! We used to wear red pants (god rest their souls)! I do agree I would like a return to the block letters, but I like seeing the names on the jerseys. I think the teams keep names deleted because they are a "team" miss the point. If this game was about nameless, faceless, people who were simply spokes on a wheel, then they would not keep statistics or have individual awards. Besides, I like knowing the guys names, makes it easier to remember them later on (NFL).

Ryan said...

At the packed house hockey game last night, it looked fairly even between the BC and BU fans, mainly in the upper decks. To be honest, neither side was especially loud, except after goals. Most of the game, the BU fans were sitting on their hands, and I was in the students section. Don't know where your info is coming from. Also, BU completely outplayed us in just about every facet. It was pretty hard to get excited when BC had 9 shots after 2 periods.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Completely refute harrow's misinformed hockey comment.

BeantownBC85 said...

What's this about a dirty chop by Cherilus against the Vikings? Shame.

eagleboston said...

What are all of you Red Sox fans bitching about? Try being a Cubs fan. They don't say "there is always next year," but rather "there is always next century." No matter how bad melodramatic Red Sox fans had it, the Cubs fans have had it way worse.

Jeff said...

Can't blame BC fans for not being loud at last night's hockey game. It was a tough afternoon for them.

I liked Tampa more than Jax last year. Channelside wasn't the only option in Tampa and the stadium was nicer in my opinion.

This loss was much less painful than last year too. First, we trailed the entire game but also last year after the game I thought we blew our one chance in the ACCCG and I'd have to wait a decade plus to go back. This year, I was happy for the team just to make the game and knew that VT was a young and improving team. On top of that, how many broken legs did this team have? Also, Crane and Haden were injured. Those two happen to be our starting QB and RB. Even Ron Brace wasn't able to play late which hurt the chances of the D making a huge, much needed stop.

Be optomistic for next year. The 2008 Eagles did not feature 17 fifth year seniors. We can be real good for several years.

Matt said...

White and white doesn't look great, but at least it's traditional (e.g., Penn State, Texas, Baltimore/Indy Colts, New York/New Jersey Jets). All maroon is awful.

Make it simple. Always gold pants. Alternate white and maroon jerseys.

In case you're wondering why I'm stuck on this issue: Yesterday's game never happened. That's why I have nothing better to talk about than uniform preference. Also, the only thing that could have made yesterday's game uglier would be wearing all maroon uniforms.

tkow said...

Is it now twice in three years we have to play a bowl game against a team in their hometown? We get shafted again.

lizz said...

How can you even complain about our bowl selection when you see the appalling turnout at the acc championship?

Ry said...

There's no doubt in my mind that BC fans are ready to travel...and travel well. If we had made the Orange Bowl I think we would have been able to put those "BC Doesn't Travel" sneers to rest. It's kind of hard to motivate your fan base when every year features a disappointing destination.

Jeff said...

Ry- Traveling to the Orange Bowl hardly changes our reputation. Of course people will travel to a BCS game. BCS games don't worry about not selling out.

People used to say "I'll go to a bowl once we play one in Florida." Last year we did and you saw the turnout. It was OK but there's still room for improvement.

This year, amazingly, we have nothing to complain about. Four ACC teams got picked above us. VT(who beat us), Georgia Tech(who beat us at home, Clemson(who beat us at home) and Florida State(also finished 5-3 and is going to Orlando where we went last year) Can't blame champs for not taking us two years in a row and taking FSU who will come close to selling out the stadium for them compared to last year where they didn't even open the upper deck.

Last year we had 10 wins and more to complain about by falling below teams we beat. In the past we have had 9 win teams fall to at-large games. This year going to Music City is not so bad

BCNorCal07 said...

To follow up to what Jeff said. The Gator and Peach bowls had already made their invites (Clemson and GT) before our game yesterday. We knew we weren't going there, or to the Champs for a second straight year. It wasn't a matter of the bowls "shafting" us. We knew the situation going into the game. Miami or Nashville, end of story.

See y'all in Nashville.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with you, Matt - always gold pants (with maroon stripe), alternate white and maroon jerseys.

ACC said...

Why oh why did they have Davis pass the ball 40+ times???!!! This was the worst play calling I may have ever seen. An utter disappointment by Steve Logan, the loss rests on his feet. It's hard to be upset given the expectation going into this year and the fact that we are going to a bowl game again, but you've got to climb that hill and raise expectations at some point. This one hurts the most since I've been around the team, even more than the 'Cuse game.

eagleboston said...


We had very little chance of winning that game yesterday. First, we were starting a redshirt freshman qb who had to pull out a miracle to beat Wake and then barely beat a Maryland team that Florida State annihilated the week before. He's got a bright future but he was nowhere ready to beat Bud Foster's defense. Second, Haden and Akins did not play. I know injuries are part of the game but we have had more than our share. Third, the players that were left standing had their second worst performance of the season next to the UNC game.
I held out hope before the game that we could win, but I watch a ton of college football and I knew the odds were stacked against BC. I honestly cannot remember the last time a freshman led an ACC, SEC or Big 12 team to victory in the 'ship. You need a veteran qb to win a game at that level.

I have hope we will someday reach the BCS but don't be surprised if 5 years from now, we are still on the outside looking in. It takes more than coaching and talent to get to the BCS. You also need a little luck. We may not even be back to the 'ship for 2-3 years and even if we do get back, we are going to have to find a way to beat the Coastal team. We knew when we joined the ACC it was going to be tough. Quite frankly, we are more than exceeding my expectations.

ACC said...


You make some fine points, but I am not convinced that we would have lost that game regardless of gameplan. Throwing the ball 40+ times with a redshirt freshman in his 2nd start ever = loss everytime out. No excuses. If they had taken 15 of those throws and made them runs, and BC had still lost, fine. THey wouldve given VT their best shot. However, using your QB in a capacity which he is incapable of fulfilling is asking to get beat and beat bad, which is what happened.

As for the expectations, I agree, they are exceeding mine as well. I am still proud of them as a team. However, I will forever believe we left this one on the plat because of the foolhardy playcalling.

eagleboston said...
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eagleboston said...


I think the gameplan was to run more, but Tech controlled the line of scrimmage in the first quarter and the defense was slow in getting started. Once Tech was up 14, BC was forced to throw to get back in it.

I think we could have worn them down had BC been able to establish the run, but Tech was putting 9 guys in the box, basically daring Logan to throw the ball. Logan was in a quandary. Do I stay with the run and continue with 3 and outs until later in the game, or do I throw to get a couple guys out of the box? He choose to open it up and that is when BC finally scored. I really don't think Logan could have done things differently. He did the best with the cards he was dealt.

ACC said...


Frankly, I disagree. They were down 14-7 at the start of the 2nd half. Take a look at the 2nd half box score. 2 rushes for 13 yards, excluding the 2 Davis scrambles. Davis went 2 for 8 otherwise before the INT, followed by 3 Davis incompletions to end the 3rd quarter.

At that point, BC is down 24-7. At the 1st and goal, 3 passes, all for incompletions, after the VT fumble. Aponivicious hits the FG, score 24-10. We all know what happened after that. So, to summarize, 3 rush attempts from the RB on 21 plays (excluding punts and BC turnovers) in the 2nd half before the game was out of hand at 30-10. Personally, I call that a failure of playcalling, especially given that on the 2 rushes he had in the 3rd, Harris had 13 yards.

Anfield10 said...
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Anfield10 said...

Disliking Logan's gameplan is fine, and i definitely think there were some problems, but don't focus too much on numbers. The fact that Davis reached 40+ attempts was NOT the gameplan. If you watched the game you know that probably about 15 of those pass attempts, if not more, came with under 12 minutes to go in the 4th quarter when we were down 3 scores. We probably should have run more early in the 2nd half, but like i said the high attempts total i feel like is kind of the result of the last 10 minutes

One thing I will criticize about our gameplan, and this is a season long thing, is a lack of screen passes. I cannot for the life of me understand why we don't run 5-8 screen passes per game. Our running backs are fast and good in space and our linemen are athletic and brutes. We saw on Harris' 50 yard reception how effective those plays can be, yet throughout the season we only saw maybe 10 or 12 of them. Anyone else agree with me? especially with a frosh in there

As for Davis I feel for the guy. He did an admirable job getting us there though. As for his future, I certainly saw flashes of true potential but am not totally sold on him. What is this Tuggle kid supposed to be like? He seems almost like a mythical figure as all season long we have all referenced "the red shirt tuggle" as a qb to watch but does anyone know what he is supposed to be like? Is he big? athletic?

Anyway, good season eagles. hopefully we can beat the SEC in Nashville

ACC said...


You are right in that many of those attempts came after the game was out of hand, 30-10. However, examine the 2nd half box score- before the game was 30-10, and manageable enough to mix up the play calling, BC attempted 3 runs with their RBs. 3. On 21 attempts, 3 run plays. Matt Ryan is not the QB. Unacceptable.

I agree with you that a few more screen passes would have been great, especially since VT was stacking the box. Also, I don't blame Davis at all. He gave us a decent game in the 1st half and tried hard in the 2nd, this loss is not his fault. Whatever the outcome, like I said earlier, BC exceeded expectations just by getting to the game, so I am proud. However, this was a game I really feel we blew because of playcalling, and I am frustrated because we let one slip.

Darius said...

Cubicle Jockey:

2nd time in 4 years. 3rd in 5, if you extend it to home state.

Doesn't matter. BC's fans aren't going to turn out in any great numbers no matter where it is, so the stadium's inevitably going to be primarily occupied by opposing fans.

And yet we keep winning these games. We should this year, too. The SEC's bad, real bad this year. Two teams deep, just like the Big Ten.