Friday, December 19, 2008

Where are they now? The 1997 Football Staff

With Don Treadwell and Mike London in the news, I thought it was as good a time as any to look back at TOB’s first staff. Thrown together during a transitional time at the school, the unheralded group consisted of young unproven guys looking for a break and retreads looking for a second chance. Although the record wasn’t great, the guys began the rebuilding project and many used BC as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Tom O’Brien: Head Coach
Jeff Jagodzinski: Offensive Line and Offensive Coordinator
Don Treadwell: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Passing Game Coordinator
Don Horton: Tight Ends
Frank Spaziani: Running Backs
Tim Rose: Defensive Coordinator
Mike London: Defensive Line
Al Golden: Linebackers, Recruiting Coordinator
Jerry Rosburg: Defensive Backs
Jerry Petercuskie: Special Teams Coordinator

Tom O’Brien: Head Coach, NC State
Jeff Jagodzinski: Head Coach, Boston College
Don Treadwell: Offensive Coordinator, Michigan State (and rumored Head Coach at Miami of Ohio)
Don Horton: Offensive Line, NC State
Frank Spaziani: Defensive Coordinator, Boston College
Tim Rose: Defensive Coordinator, Toledo (interesting note on Rose: he was a defensive coordinator for TOB, Steve Logan and Jack Bicknell Jr.)
Mike London: Head Coach, Richmond
Al Golden: Head Coach, Temple
Jerry Rosburg: Special Teams Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens
Jerry Petercuskie: Special Teams and Recruiting Coordinator, NC State

There are many factors into why BC has offered stepping stone opportunities instead of final destination type jobs. I actually think the energy and aggressiveness of guys looking to make a name for themselves is a good thing. In turn, I think many of the young coaches who pass through look back on their time at BC fondly. The next time we are in the market for a head coach, I hope we give preferences to guys who have worked here before. It worked well with Coughlin and we’ve had good returns with Jags.


Erik said...

Its funny to see Frank Spaziani with "Running Backs". Wow, how he's flourished on the other side of the ball.

Also, the whole Miami Ohio just calling themselves "Miami" is dumb to every person not physically involved in that University. That's like people at Notre Dame of Manchester NH claiming they "go to Notre Dame", or somebody starting a computer graphic design institute in Cummings Park in Woburn and naming it "Texas Tech University"

Adam said...

Erik - you do realize that Miami (FL) was founded in 1925, named after the big city nearby and is the University of Miami. Miami University (OH) was founded in 1809 and was named after the nearby rivers which were named after the Indian tribe that used to inhabit the OH/IN area. Direct your anger towards these Indians who took the name 'Miami' in the first place as they must be the 'dumb' ones.

Strange that none of your examples existed 100+ years before the 'big time' school or named after a river/indian tribe. You just make silly assumptions about the names of schools and post them on the interwebs. Cake and ice cream for you.

carolinaeagle08 said...

How bout Mike London's spider's winning the FCS nat championship.

chicagofire1871 said...


While I get where you're coming from, I think Erik was simply noting that the name Miami is most often associated with the South Florida city and subsequently the highly successful school in the area, rather than the Indian tribe of central Ohio. So for Miami University to call themselves just "Miami" it invites confusion.

Eagle in Somerville said...

Chicagofire, I see your point, but I have to side with Adam on this one: Miami University was referring to themselves as Miami for almost 120 years before the University of Miami, FL was created. They were first.
Also, it is way less confusing than UM players in the NFL referring to the college that they attended but did not graduate from as simply, "the U".

Thomas said...

Was the box score I read for this afternoon's game correct? 3 Eagles fouling out and over 50 combined fouls? Were there on-court brawls to account for all of those?

matthew2 said...

Yeah... it seems like BC basketball is just an afterthought at this point.

A win over our second big east team this year is a nice win, however you slice it. Anyone who has watched Rice for 3+ years knows that he will shine come ACC time. Interesting to see him at the 2 a little bit yesterday with Biko running the point. Skinner was reluctant to pull the trigger with that, but it gives them a nice look. BC is at his best when he is driving to the basket and either getting fouled or finding the open man. Perhaps he won't see as many double teams if he isn't at the point to start the set.

I am still not confident with this team, but there seems to be a lot still up in the air. In my 7 years of following BC basketball, I haven't seen a rotation that was more than 7 or 8 guys, this deep in the season! There are still 10 or 11 guys that can see double digit minutes in meaningful games. He is still feeling his way out with the 3 second string big bodies (ravenal, dunn, elmore), and will always have a soft spot for roche. Combine those four with our best 2 off the bench (Jackson and Paris), and we are relatively deep. Nice to know that we can throw fresh bodies in there, especially if we want to press or continue to be in foul trouble.

That being said..... there is still much to correct. We still have trouble playing for 40 minutes, and finishing games. That is a concern against better teams. Also, there were multiple times yesterday when we were running our man offense against their zone. I don't know who is at fault for that, but that is unacceptable and it must be recognized.

I see this team as a team that could win as many as 7 or 8 games in the acc. 6 may be the most likely bet. However, I am still worried that the team does not know how to win. Last year we saw them lose winnable games because losing became an accepted culture. It would be nice if we could steal one or two in the beginning and start an exciting winning culture with this team. I think we have some gamers (raji/jackson) that will help us find a way to win.

We need to win our next 3 and go 13-2 heading into acc play. Not too shabby. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but we are on a 6 game winning streak. There are wins in there against a big ten team, a big east team, and quality programs in UAB and UMASS. I know I am putting a positive spin on this.... but hopefully we will be a typical Skinner team and peak in the second half (and prove that last year was an anomaly).