Saturday, January 24, 2009

Staff stuff

The Tranquill hire threw everyone for a loop. With 24 hours to digest it all, I still don't know what to think. Honestly, I am shaking my part because of the age factor but also because, like so many things in this process, it never had to happen. Tranquill may bring a lot to the table. He may do a great job. He may be just what Spaz needs. But even if he is, he remains a risky, risky hire. Instead of taking that risk, Spaz probably could have brought him on in some capacity and then bestowed the OC title on a safer or more exciting candidate.

These curve balls have everyone speculating on what other staffers might stay or go. In my opinion, the only sure thing to return is Mike Siravo. I would say everyone else could leave. We probably won't have a certain staff until two things have happened:

1. We get through Signing Day. Once Signing Day is concluded, the staffers might be free to move on to other college jobs.

2. Jags figures out his 2009 plans. If Jags does get an NFL coordinator job, you might see a few BC names join him.

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