Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coach of the Future

With every team in a rush to name a coach in waiting, some have wondered if BC should. I don’t think it is appropriate now, but that doesn’t mean a future BC head coach isn’t already on the staff. And I don’t think I am being presumptuous by saying that. Just look at TOB’s first staff. He had two (and counting) future BC coaches among his nine employees.

All of the current staffers outside of Tranquill could be viewed as potential BC head coaches, but I thought I’d narrow it a bit to the guys with the best shots.

Ryan Day
Current job: Wide Receivers Coach
What’s the general opinion on him? Day is considered the shooting star of the staff. He is bright and personable who has already had exposure to all the hottest names in his young career (Meyer, Kelly, Golden). In addition to his New England roots, Day’s two go arounds at BC (one as a grad assistant and his current job) means he has ties to the area, school and truly understands what the opportunity and the challenges a BC head coach faces. Day is also considered a good recruiter and knows how to sell the school.
What does the future hold? Day hasn’t even turned 30 yet. He could probably do the job now, but a little seasoning won’t hurt. It will be interesting to see what steps he takes over the next few years. If he wants to be the head coach at BC it might be best for him to leave for a few seasons. Getting more exposure and hitching his star to a rising program might make him that much more desirable when the job opens again. Staying at BC is high risk-high reward. He can grow his profile and potentially take over the offense in the next few years and become the logical successor. But if Spaz flames out, I don’t think we will be promoting from within.

Mike Siravo
Current job: Defensive Backs Coach, Recruiting coordinator
What’s the general opinion on him? Siravo is a “BC guy.” He’s a former walk on, married to a BC grad. His brother also graduated from BC. In addition to his football duties, Mike has been part of fund raising efforts and different BC social events. He has a close relationship with Defillipo, but his football resume is not as varied or as impressive as Day’s.
What does the future hold? Siravo’s work with the DBs has been excellent. The unit has performed beyond expectations for two seasons. His recruiting has been a little more uneven. Jags seems to be the fall guy for this lackluster class, but it is now on Siravo to pull out a much better class next year. If the same problems occur in the 2010 class, critics will start to come after the recruiting coordinator. Unlike Day, Siravo shouldn’t go anywhere. If he is going to get the BC job, it is not going to be as an under 40 young hot shot. Given his history, resume and persona, I think Siravo’s approach should be slow and steady. If he becomes a BC lifer (and he’s already half way there) and continues to be involved in other aspects of the school, he will rise in prominence. He’ll also need to become a defensive coordinator one day.

Ben Sirmans
Current job: Running Backs Coach
What’s the general opinion on him? In a setting and profession that creates cliques, Sirmans is one of those guys who is well liked by all and can move between the different social groups. His work with Andre Callender was very good in 2007 and I think the freshmen in his charge played very well in 2008. I never would have considered him as a fit for BC’s head spot until the Jags firing. While everyone on the staff seemed to jockey for a better position, scrambled for a new job outside the program or played politics, Sirmans kept recruiting. Who knows, maybe he had assurances that things would work out for him at BC. Or maybe he just wanted to focus on work. Regardless, he deserves credit for acting like a true professional (something that few associated with the tumult did). That sort of dedication to the kids and program should not be overlooked. It’s what you look for in a Head Coach.
What does the future hold? I don’t know Sirmans short-term or long-term goals. With his reputation he can probably move onto a bigger program as a staffer. If he hangs around BC I don’t know if he’ll ever move ahead of Day or Siravo in the “future head coach” pecking order. If his ultimate objective is to be a Head Coach at BC one day, he is probably best moving on and building his network and reputation. Then when the time comes and if his name arises, there will be a freshness to go along with all the good will he’s earned in his two plus years at the Heights.


Big Jack Krack said...

The 2009 Schedule is out. The first thing I noticed was that we start a little late - and then go 9 straight weeks before we get a break - that's tough.

macguyver said...

Why is Bill McGovern not considered a coach of the future? Just wondering why he would be left off your list.Seems to me he should have a shot at least.