Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looking at long layoffs

BC followed the big win over North Carolina with a loss to Harvard. BC followed the big win over Duke with...a week off. This dead period has muted the momentum from Sunday night. But is it a bad thing? Let's look back at some recent long schedule breaks.

Last year BC had six days off in February after losing to Virginia. In their first game back they lost to Florida State.

In 2007, BC had eight days off after beating Clemson. They then followed that game with a loss to Georgia Tech.

In 2006 the longest downtime during conference play was five days between Wake Forest and Virginia Tech. BC won both games.

In 2005, during the final Big East season, BC had an eight day opening between wins over Providence and West Virginia.

So here is how it breaks down over the last four seasons.

-- BC is 2-2 after layoffs of five days or more in conference play over the last four years.
-- BC was 0-2 following losses and 2-0 following wins.

What have we learned? Not much. The results are pretty inconclusive. But for this team I think the week off is just what the doctor ordered. Instead of waltzing in on the Duke high, they will enter buzz free. They'll also be facing a fading Miami team. Instead of coming in flat or overconfident, I think these guys will come in with just the right motivation and handle the Canes.


Erik said...

I'm not sure I'd say Miami is fading. They've played some tough opponents recently. Also, they've been a little inconsistent for the better part of the last 8 years. THey could come out firing on all cylinders. If BC can win, I wouldn't discredit the win at all.

CT said...

I'd have to agree with Erik.

Miami beat Wake by 27 at home, then lost at Duke in overtime by three, lost at home to UNC by four, then lost on the road at FSU three days later.

Oh, and they've already beaten us.

Really, who knows with this team?

morrina said...

We also don't match up well against them in terms of size, strength, or speed. They're bigs aren't as big as Wake, but they're very physical and they killed us underneath. Collins went 11-14 from the line, and Rice was our leading rebounder with 8 (Raji, Trapani, Southern, and Dunn combined for only 10 rebounds). Lucky for us McClinton had an off game, or we could easily have lost by 20. I have more hope for home wins over FSU and GT.