Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Miami preview

Saturday's game against Miami is no longer a must win, but picking up the W would be very helpful to BC's NCAA standings. Despite their recent slide, the Canes remains a strong RPI team (49 and still higher than BC). Of course the win would also get BC to the important 8 ACC win mark and potentially move the team into the Top 25 polls.

Conversely this is a must win for Miami. Losers of six of the last seven they need this to keep their tourney hopes alive. Although they've stumbled of late, three of those losses were in OT and they played some of the better teams in the ACC.

The biggest difference between this Miami team and the one we faced earlier this year is that Dwayne Collins is not 100%. McClinton remains their most dangerous player and the guy we should focus on. BC did a decent job of containing him last time.

I think the key to this game is defensive rebounding and good shot selection. BC shot 27 3s last time. This time, I think they need to slow the pace a bit and work for more high percentage shots close to the basket from Trapani, Sanders and Raji.

I think if BC can control early and breakdown the Canes interior D, Miami will fade in the second half and BC will win by a nice margin.

Kenpom's Scouting Report.


blockparty said...

i dont like the 12 noon start time. if i know bc sports, they will probably come out flat.

Ry said...

nothing like good old-fashioned optimism

Lenny Sienko said...

Jimmy Graham is the player who I think we need to stop. He seems to excel in rebounding and scoring when he plays BC.

We really have nobody who can match up with him.

Unknown said...

new york city gamewatch?

Unknown said...

I like the optimism, and I'll be cheering 'em on!! First time I've had a chance to see any Eagles sports live since November!! :)

EagleEye2002 said...

This is already getting really ugly.

Ryan said...

Sweet God this is horrible basketball. No one can make a shot and Miami is getting uncontested 3s.

Ralph said...

This sums it all up. Miami started 8/11 from the field including 5/6 from 3PT range. We started 3/14.

CT said...

Looks like a pretty typical BC game. Less energy early, spend the first half digging out of a hole.

They won't cover Dews! All he does is shoot 3's! He still gets space to shoot. Unbelievable.

At least Rice showed up. Whoops.

He's gonna be Europe.

Deacon Drake said...

We always seem to bring out the best in Miami... 9 of 13 on 3's... we still have a good chance because there is no way that continues.

Ryan said...

The announcers summed it up best. Why good is Rice doing doubling down on a guy who has a foot on him? Cover the dude who has 5 threes!

CT said...

Fitting conclusion to the first half. A lay-up. Ha.

Miami is playing like it's a must-win.

We're playing like we're shooting for 8-8.

Let's see...their big guys catch the ball 4 feet from the basket, their guards hit open 3's, we don't move much against their zone...but we look damn good against their press.

What? They haven't pressed?

Don't they know?

mmason said...

It looks worse than it is--watch Reggie and Trapani--it was lookin' like a blowout, but this will come down to free throws and defense in chapter 2--if The Reggie keeps hot and Trapani and Roche nail a few more threes, Tyrese could go nuts in the next half. We're on the road, but the road is long. Believe it--The U can give up a lead at home as fast as our Eagles have in the past. They'll foul us into contention if the Eagles stay aggressive. I like our inside guys battling for rebounds--Al knows whatsup--he's coaching'em right now at the break. Time for breakfast in L.A. Go Eagles!!

Ryan said...

You know what I love best? When Sanders repeatedly turns the ball over and then sits there and stares at it. Love the hustle.

Ralph said...

I'm putting out an APB for Sanders. Anyone seen him? He might be playing worse then he did versus Wake

CT said...

If we're lucky enough to get this game down to one of free throws, I don't like our chances.

Our interior D will be exposed since we're so conscientious about the 3's.

mmason said...

Free throws? Yeah...but Raji at the line is like a turnover.

CT said...

Pretty predictable.

Down 11 with 3 mins. left.

Never could get enough stops.

Game was lost right out of the gate.

Didn't attack the zone in the first half.

On the bright side, no turnovers against the press today.

People talking about a high seed after winning one game last Sunday. Ha. As if this team hasn't done enough to show you who they are.

Get the sophs one game in the NCAAs and go get 'em next year.

blockparty said...

i love raji but he has struggled big time in the last few games. from the field, from the line, on d. he gets offensive rebounds, but i feel like a lot of those are off of his own miss. i hope he can come around for the acc/post season tourney.