Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quick preview of Virginia

BC takes on UVA tonight at 7 PM on ESPN U. It's a game the team should win and control but you can never take ACC road games for granted.

Here is Kenpom's overview of Virginia. They don't do anything particularly well or anything particularly poorly.

The 'Hoos actually remind me a bit of Maryland. And like Maryland we face them after they received a drubbing from Duke. The key to stopping them is containing big freshman guard Sylven Landesberg. I liked how we dealt with Vasquez and hope Landesberg sees a mix of Jackson (for speed) and Trapani (for length). As always, if BC rebounds well, we should control the game.


BCNorCal07 said...

Another game of hot and cold halves for the basketball team. They came out with a ton of energy and couldn't miss in the first half, which off-set the sloppy turnovers. However, UVA's zone frustrated the offense in the second half and Tyrese and Biko didn't stop with the sloppiness. We won comfortable against a bad team, but the second half certainly wasn't inspiring. Here's hoping that they manage to grab two of the next four after a much-needed victory in Charlottesville.

johnoatesforthree said...


Did you watch the game? I listened to a little of the first half online, but then switched over to the games on TV on ESPN.

Overall I'm pretty happy with that win. If we go 4-3 over the rest of the year I say we're in the tournament for sure.

CT said...

The inconsistency is consistent.

Okay against bad teams.

Not okay against the next three.

BCNorCal07 said...

Yeah, I'm lucky enough to get ESPNU. The first-half - dominant though it was - was not great. The ball-handling at the top just isn't very good. But this team can absolutely murder man-to-man defense and that's what they did.