Monday, February 23, 2009

Spaz finally fills out his staff

Spaz completed his coaching staff by hiring Mike Dawson from Akron. He will serve as special teams assistant coach. I think it is a solid addition and provides another younger coach familiar with the New England scene. If you’re reading the tea leaves, he’s also another coach with UNH ties meaning Day’s network continues to be influential. Like the other recent hires, here is my breakdown:

Special Teams: Mike Dawson
What he brings to the table: Much needed recruiting ties to Ohio and the Midwest. A varied background that should help in areas beyond special teams. Good New England roots.
Connection to Spaz: None that I know of, but he has been part of the New England scene for a few years. Plus he coached at New Hampshire with new coach Sean Devine and holdover Ryan Day.
Connection to BC: No prior connection.
Question Mark: What kind of special teams coach will he be (since he’s never had sole responsibility for it)? What areas will he recruit? Will he adjust to recruiting at BC?
Overall assessment: Compared to the other new hires, Dawson doesn’t seem as sure a thing. There is no obvious Special Teams experience on his resume. There are also questions about who and how he will recruit. But the one thing that is promising is his connection to UNH. I don’t know what the Wildcats’ head coach Sean McDonnell does to empower and identify his staff but his guys have had a good track record once they moved to the next level (as we’ve seen with Day). I think Dawson will be fine and our special teams have been so uneven for so long there really is no where to go but up.

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Unknown said...

Dawson is from MA and went to UMass, so maybe he recruits Ohio and New England.