Sunday, February 08, 2009

Wake walks away with win

So much for avenging the earlier blowout. Wake wiped the floor with BC in the second half. Things looked promising, but when you get nothing from a banged up Sanders, Rice doesn't do much and the D stinks, you are unlikely to beat a good team like Wake in their building. Here are my thoughts. Leave yours in the comments.

-- 40 minutes from Raji.
He didn't do anything spectacular, but was very efficient. Hopefully he is recovered from his groin issues.
-- Our big men in the first half. Up against one of the biggest and best frontlines in college basketball, Southern and Trapani looked very good in the first half. They scored off of easy and hard shots and also picked up some rebounds.
-- Paris running the point. Too bad it was only four 15 minutes. He looked good out there and should be earning more time.

-- Al's use of Sanders. Sanders was terrible but he never should have played 22 minutes. Al kept him out there long after it was established that Rakim was 1. hurting 2. couldn't handle Teague 3. having an off shooting night.
-- Rice's decision making. More stupid fouls. More wasted possessions dribbling around the perimeter. More bad decisions on when to penetrate. There is still plenty of time to write a great ending to his BC career, but I feel like we will be scratching our heads in April wondering "why wasn't Rice better this year?"
-- The transition D. Guys got back somewhat but then ruined any effort with dumb foul after dumb foul. If you are going to foul a guy during a 3 on 1 or 3 on 2, make sure the shooter doesn't convert his shot.

Now the Clemson and Duke game became that much more important. BC needs to bounce back quickly and get ready for Clemson's physical and relentless press.


jprinzivalli said...

1 out of 3...thats all we need.

Opinionater said...

So much for the "bounce back" opportunity vs. Wake. I liked the offensive rebounding in the first half, the point guard play of Paris, and the overall aggressiveness. Of course, unfortunately, then they made us play the second half......injuries, fatigue, brain cramps (coaches and players), matador "defense", Tyrese still not knowing how to react to Wake's hedging and double team's on the high screen offense, etc., all contributed to our demise a.k.a. "butt whupping". There was no more of a an embarrassing sight than BC standing there on "D" in the half-court, down 10+ with 2+ minutes to play, conceding the game by letting Wake run down the shot clock under 10, then go to a 1-4 set and dribble past us for a lay-up---again, and again, and again!
I can understand losing by 15 to that talented team---but to shut it down----embarrassing!