Sunday, March 15, 2009

Randoms thoughts and pictures from the ACC Tournament

This is all after the fact so I will keep it short.


Ugly, ugly game. The silver lining (outside the win) was Sanders. They really had no answer for him. As his handle improves he will be very dangerous. He is just too strong for most wing players to guard close to the basket. I also wanted to mention the good crowd from Thursday night. There weren't a ton of BC fans, but because the building was about a 25% full, you could see the various pockets around the Dome. They were load and I would argue, outnumbered the UVA fans.

Writing this now, it is only more frustrating, that we gave the eventual ACC Champs their toughest game. I was most impressed with the defense. Duke's offense caused BC to switch off repeatedly and the guys did a great job with help and not getting exploited. Rice was one on one with Singler a few different times, yet Duke was never able to burn BC with the mismatch. I thought the refs were terrible but that is to be expected in a Duke game.

The final 34 seconds were not great. The first possession...I didn't care for Sanders forcing the shot. Then followed by a bad inbounds. We got lucky on the Scheyer miss. I didn't mind the final shot though. It was a heave but Sanders had space and hit the front of the rim. As I wrote after, this team should feel good about next week.

Here are my pics from the weekend. I apologize for the suckiness and lack of any linear progress. When the game gets close I forget to take out the camera. Plus we were behind the basket both nights which created a few obstacles for good shots.


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