Friday, March 13, 2009

The Sanders show

Another ugly final 10 minutes marred a great game from Rakim Sanders. By the time UVA was done fouling, only the diehard BC fans were still in the Dome. This win erases all bubble talk (we were already in anyway). I'll have more coherent thoughts Friday morning.

Big shout out to the Band. They did a great job (as always) and really made the BC faithful feel at home.


westy said...

I implore you not to list Still as a game watch for any NYC- BC gatherings in the future. I went with a large group to watch the game tonight. We called beforehand, they claimed to have the game, then failed to have it or purchase the package with 20 fans waiting. Embarrassing.

Nick P. said...

Good game last night. I may just be me, but I actually kind of liked the line-up without Rice in the first half. I think it was Paris-Jackson-Sanders-Southern-Roche/Dunn. They seemed to play more controlled, or maybe within the system. When Rice is out there, we seemed more disorganized.

Erik said...

Both times Rice sat in the first half, BC made big runs. Definitely happy to see that, it means good things for the future.

But I won't read too much into it and made an inference that we're better without him. Tyrese will be better tonight. And hopefully so will Jackson and Trapani.

Dports1 said...

Westy, all other NYC alums and fans:
Forget places like Still, Nation and any other proposed BC game watch. The best place to go is Riviera Cafe (even better for those of us who are Sox fans). They have every package and in the 5+ years of going there, I've never not gotten buybacks - including last night - from the bartenders. Who cares if its not owned or sanctioned by BC alumni, this place is top notch.
My two cents,

ScreamingEagle said...

Yay Band! It's great to know we're appreciated! Thanks!