Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perfect Day for the BC sports fan

Those lucky enough to be in Boston will have a beautiful day to head over to campus and watch the Spring Game. Good news too in that the NFL Draft and Yankees-Sox have been pushed back to later in the day for those who might view those as conflicts (but really, what is more important than BC football?).

One request to anyone attending the game: please take pictures.

I'll have thoughts on the game and draft late tonight.


BCNorCal07 said...

It sure sounds like the defense dominated the spring game. Fletcher and Herzlich were all over the field. Draft note: Raji is now a Packer. Great for him, though I was hoping he'd fall one more spot to my Niners (ended up with Crabtree!). Hopefully, BJ will go in and dominate right away. He's going to start right away at NT or DE, so he'll be on the field and will be given the opportunity.

eagleboston said...

It's funny how so many BC fans were drooling over Tuggle this winter. I would say the QB derby is still open, but Davis is clearly a step ahead of Boek and Tuggle. No one moved the ball very well but I think that was more a function of going up against what will most likely be a Top 10 defense.

I was very encouraged by the defense. They were all over the field and did a fairly good job getting pressure on the QB's while going up against a very good O-line. Granted, I am sure the offense was very vanilla and the defense knew what was coming, they were still very impressive.

Anyway, you can never really read too much into the spring game and it is possible 1 or 2 true freshmen may break into the starting line-up.

I just hope the swine flu fizzles out in time for football season.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Ron Brace to NE! (8th pick in the second round)

Nick P. said...

Was at the breakfast this morning and the game. We are now running a no huddle offense. Huddle or no huddle, we looked terrible on offense. I agree, the defense looked great. We have a lot of talent on that side of the ball.