Saturday, April 18, 2009

What to make of Boek's big break

I hate reading too much into these spring scrimmages, but Codi Boek's continued good play is an interesting storyline. Even though he was switched back to QB prior to practices starting, most felt the QB situation was a two-man race between Tuggle and Davis. Can Boek be in the mix? If he does become the BC QB it will just be the latest in his roller coaster career.

When Boek signed with BC it made for good copy but the coaching staff was very excited about his prospects. A JUCO coach who helped funnel him to BC said he was better than Paul Peterson. Then he arrived on campus and struggled. He had trouble picking up the offense and didn't look like a DIA QB. When I asked Purvis about Davis and Boek at the ACC media days, he spoke highly of Dominique's progress. His nonanswer on Boek spoke volumes. Before official summer practice began Boek was moved to fullback. I felt it was premature. Why give up on kid after only one spring session? Yet everyone I heard from said that getting another Peterson wasn't going to happen. Even during the Crane and Davis struggles, using Boek never seemed like a viable option.

One of the benefits of coaching changes is the clean slate that certain players get from the new staff. Boek would probably still be a fullback if Jags was still around. He may not be the answer but given the way his entire football career has gone, you can never count the kid out.

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