Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hoops schedule released

BC released the Men's Basketball Schedule. The team will play at least 10 nationally televised games. More will certainly be added if they are top 25 team throughout the season. The toughest stretch is probably early January with road games at Clemson and Duke, home against Maryland and then back on the road against Miami and Virginia Tech.

There is also a tough stretch where we come home from the Island Jam and then play at Providence, at Michigan and then host Miami all within eight days.

This is the most difficult basketball schedule since the current JRs arrived on campus. They should be up for the challenge.


CT said...

Yep, a tough schedule. Especially since we have to play Harvard again.

Seriously though, what a great opportunity to get the guys some experience for a tourney run in 2010. Purdue is going to be good, Michigan beat Clemson in the NCAAs last year, and USC (not that one) will be a SEC favorite.

Good times.

Joe Bags said...

Coach Flip succeeded in limiting the 9 PM weeknight tipoffs. Bad for me, hopefully good for everyone else and helps the attendance numbers.

eagle1331 said...

Great News on Herzlich on ESPN's front page!


Big Jack Krack said...

This is great health news for Herzy, who still has some hurdles. You've got to love his optimism and enthusiasm - terrific guy.

As for football - wouldn't it be great to have him back in 2010, when our sucessful season will land us in the ACCCG in Charlotte before a sellout crowd of 73,000 fans!!!!! Maybe Mike Mclaughlin should really take his time, and do it right, getting a medical waiver for this year.

We can bite the bullet with these good young LBs coming up.

Jack said...

Its a tough schedule Great News on Herzlich on ESPN's front page..[..]
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