Monday, August 17, 2009

What to make of Marscovetra

If Michael Marscovetra becomes the BC starter as a true freshman, it will be the latest and most visible example that the recruiting system has holes in it and that there are many factors that go into player evaluation. As a reminder, this was the Jersey guy's pedigree as a high school player:

Scout: 2 star and unranked.
ESPN: 75 rating
Rivals: 2 Star unranked.

Marscovetra did not receive another DIA offer. Even after he committed to BC, no other school entered the picture to lure him away. And it wasn't like he was playing in some obscure, underdeveloped football territory. He played in nothern New Jersey which is probably the most fertile and heavily recruited area in the northeast.

You want to give everyone a chance. You want to say that everyone starts with a blank slate. It is not true. Coaches, fans, recruitniks all anticipate who is going to be a star and who they think will be a bust. That's why Michael Marscovetra's emergence is so unexpected. The true freshman has been the best QB in camp so far. The reason he's not at the top of the depth chart is based on maturity and upside...and probably a little bit on expectations. The coaches didn't expect him to be this good and are probably having doubts. Does a guy like Spaz want to but his future in a unheralded kid who he didn't even recruit? Marscovetra was a Steve Logan flyer. But even Logan and Jags saw him as a backup. They were still going hard after other recruits after Marscovetra verballed.

Maybe this is all about rising to the occasion. While Mascovetra played in New Jersey, his team wasn't very good and neither was the talent around him. It shows in his stats. As a JR he completed 56% of his passes for 1,762 yards with 15TDs and 12 INTs. As a SR in high school he regressed a bit completing 47.6% of his passes for 1,422 yards, 8 TDs and 13 Ints. The reason he got a scholarship from BC was his impressive camp performance in summer 2008. In fact he's played the best football of his life in Boston. That is probably what matters. In a team sport, when the talent around him was finally even, he stood out.

Just because he's playing well doesn't guarantee anything. He's not beating out a Matt Ryan or Doug Flutie. The QB talent around him -- although more heralded -- is still flawed. And Shinskie may still take a big leap in play once he shakes off the rust.

Marscovetra may never play at BC. There is one name ahead of him now and could be two more names above him on the depth chart as early as January. And even if he gets the job, it doesn't mean we have a star. Look around at some of the other true freshman we've faced over the years. But Marscovetra's surprising start offers hope. As much as we think we know how things will play out, we don't know. No one does. That's what makes this all so interesting. For our sake, let's hope Marscovetra continues to exceed the low expectations. We need some good news.


Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Great post. I remember reading the ESPN scouting report on him after he signed and thinking it was far more complementary than the 2 stars he was receiving elsewhere. Reading it again, they've got nothing but positives to say about him. Waaaaay to early to judge, but your right, after a difficult offseason, we could stand to catch a break here.

AguilaFan said...

Didn't Ryan also come in under the radar? Wasn't he also a "well, why not...let's see what happens?"

I think I remember reading once that Ryan came up on his own and tob wasn't sure.

Great post, ATL.

BCBCBC said...

You can't compare him with Ryan. Ryan had quality offers from 2 Big 10 schools as well as Georgia Tech and was a 3 star recruit. Not even the same ballpark. Its hard to put faith into a guy that threw more picks than TDs IN HIGH SCHOOL!

ObserverCollege said...

At some point as a coach you have develop a talent for maintaining a long-term perspective. You need to ignore who the best QB is, and even who will be the best over the season. You have to observe your situation from the standpoint of an Elite 11 quarterback recruit.

For elite QB recruits, Shinskie is no problem. They figure Shinskie will drive off in his Cadillac within a couple of years.

Marscovetra, on the other hand, would be around all four years. The recruits would figure Marscovetra is some sort of Major Applewhite, and they don't want to do the Chris Simms thing if you don't have a bunch of Farrahs running around. Thus the 4 and 5-star QB recruits would pick other schools, and BC would get laughed at on Signing Day.

BC really, REALLY hurt itself when it installed Doug Flutie as QB way back when. Sure, you won a few football games, but look what has happened to your RECRUITING in the 25 years since. Elite recruits realized that NOBODY is safe, that only the BEST player reaches the field. How can you, as a recruit, enter into a contract with a school like that? One that won't give you "AP credit" on the playing field??? Look, TOB did some things to turn around that perception with his treatment of PaulPete, and he's doing great work in Raleigh pumping up 4-star Glennon as pushing the baseball player at QB. But, that kind of effort takes a lot of time and cultivation. Effort that gets ruined with the installation of yet another unheralded true freshman at QB.

BCBCBC said...

yeah - there are a lot of people saying "don't play the best QB". Observer's sarcasm is pointless because no one holds the position he is arguing against. Tool.

eaglephile said...

it's been a while, observer, haven't seen you on HD's blog for quite some time. last i saw you were floating around the CBSsports' SEC blog. can i get a prediction on the boys from south bend this year?

Andrew said...

Chill out "BCBCBC" Observer is one of the best around

Thomas said...
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Thomas said...

I'll admit that even though I'm a recent BC alum, I don't know too much about pre-Flutie BC football. But playing devil's advocate, how many 4 and 5 star QB recruits were coming to BC before Dougie Fresh? What was our winning percentage in the 50s-70s versus the 80s-00s? I have a hard time digesting the suggestion that we would be better off as a program by just plugging in the most highly heralded recruit.

Honestly I'd prefer the QB who always has the self motivation and self confidence to work hard to be "The Guy" to the QB that thinks because the recruiting services ranked him highly he should be handed the keys to the Maserati.

Maybe I'm missing something. Please inform me if I am.

BCBCBC said...

you is being sarcastic and trying to make a point that no one was arguing against. Like I said, it didn't make any sense, so it was hard to understand that.

Thomas said...

I guess all I can do is laugh at myself for falling for that then......