Thursday, September 03, 2009

BC-Northeastern preview

I’ve never been so excited and relieved to write a preview. As I will explain tomorrow, everything that has happened (good and bad) over the past nine months is behind us. It’s time to play football. Northeastern might not get your blood pumping, but the Huskies are the first step down a long path. They are a suitable opponent for this raw team. BC should use this game to see who turns it on in game situations, build confidence and pad the record. Are you ready for some football?

Narrative talking point that you’ll tire of by the end of the game.
“BC’s been through a lot this offseason…” Every year I whine about repetitive themes that the broadcasters rehash on a weekly basis. This year will be no different and will start in full force Saturday with a recount of the Jags firing, McClaughlin’s Achilles, Herzy’s cancer and Davis’ grades. I understand that not everyone is as familiar with our offseason travails as we hardcore fans tend to be. But those issues shouldn’t have a real impact on the Northeastern game.

Three Simple Keys
1. Dominate the line of scrimmage.
Think back to our last FCS opponent URI. We controlled the line so well that Dominique Davis looked good and ran around with ease.
2. Get an early score. I fear this team will have a fragile psyche. Don’t let the Huskies hang around.
3. Come away healthy. I know you can’t really control this, but please let’s hope that we come away unscathed.

Gambling Notes

-- BC is 4-0 against Northeastern
-- Since Frank Leahy, BC coaches are 7-6 in their first games
-- BC has not had a betting line with the last five FCS (fka DIAA) we have played
There is no line on the game with the major sports books

Since Harvard doesn’t use scholarships, Northeastern is the only Boston-based opponent that we can play and still count the win towards bowl eligibility.

Scoreboard Watching
The most important game of the weekend is Alabama-Virginia Tech. The Hokies can set the tone for their season and for the ACC.

I hope to see…
One good QB emerge. I don’t want to see any of the guys fall flat on their face. I just hope that one plays so well that we start to feel like we have a QB for this season.

BC is in trouble if…
We turn the ball over 4+ times. I don’t think the passing game is all that important this week. But a few turnovers could make this interesting.

Bottom Line
This should be a glorified scrimmage. It’s a confidence builder. Northeastern is not a good team and shouldn’t be much of a challenge. If we struggle it might be an ominous sign. I think we’ll be fine and cruise to the win.
Final Score: BC 37, Northeastern 10


BCMike said...

The "Narrative talking point that you’ll tire of by the end of the game."

is one of my favorite ATL features...I know that sounds odd, but I always enjoy poking fun at the horrible commentators we usually get, and ATL is usually right on the money.

AguilaFan said...

Ditto BCMike

Erik said...

Luckily I get to attend the game and not have to listen.

I'm guessing the bleacher chatter will be about coaches, and "they should put FLOOOTEE at quarterback"

(my section could be better)

conlonc said...


Better than those jackholes who think Doug Flutie should have been named HC each of the last two times it became available. Now THAT is irritating!

eagleboston said...

I was one of those idiots calling for Billy Flutie last year, but rest assured I will not be doing so this season. My goal is not to be too much of a moron this year, so feel free to call me out when I get out of control. However, this is early warning, I will be pulling out the Reverse Karma at some point this year. BC is 2-0 when I announce the season's time of death.

It's going to be a wild football weekend for me. I'm attending a college game tonight, catching a high school game tomorrow night, attending my son's 5th grade Catholic League game Saturday AM, then firing up the 360 to watch the beloved Eagles. Is there such a thing as too much football?

Mmason, I'll take a margarita on the rocks at about noon your time Saturday.

blockparty said...

mmason! we need some margaritas!

Joe Bags said...

ATL - thought on the NC State game? hahahahaha

CT said...

While I'm not sure that a 7-3 loss by NC State to the SEC is that big a deal, I can almost hear the SEC'ers bragging about their conference's birthright to lead the country in douchebags. Three points...really?

Anyway, a 37-10 victory wouldn't be all that impressive, truth be told. Unless it was 37-0 with three minutes left and NE scored ten quick points. I really hope we crush these guys huge. Just from a psychological standpoint.

The narrative talking point...if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around...all of 53 people will watch this game. Let's hope they're all on this blog.

Erik said...

NC State showed the stuff we're used to:

- Bad special teams courtesy of Jerry Petercuskie
- Poorly timed penalties like personal fouls, false starts, offensive linemen down field -- after big plays.

Oh well. Solid defense, poor offense. I'm sure they're not happy with Bible down there, but the players didn't make plays either.

eagleboston said...

Don't get too cocky guys. We are out of linebackers. Spaz joked that he may have to go to a 5-2 (I think Nebraska employed this under Osborne). Until we get some bodies back, I think our D is going to give up a ton of yardage. You simply don't win ACC games with freshman linebackers. It just doesn't happen.

Matt said...

eagleboston - let's hope the 5-2 was a joke!

Erik said...

The City Championship Game tomorrow fellas!

eagleboston said...


Spaz does have a sense of humor and he was clearly joking about the 5-2. But, he is going to be forced into playing guys that are not ACC caliber linebackers, at least not yet.

I'm hoping BC can get DiSanzo, McLaughlin and Thompson back by the Clemson game.

conlonc said...

eagleboston: DiSanzo actually practiced yesterday and has been upgraded from Doubtful to Questionable.

I'm highly doubtful Big Mac will be back by Clemson. I'm hoping FSU.

I literally know nothing about Thompson's injury other than he's out for tomorrow.

mmason said...

Ah, football season in Bikini Bottom...the HD is primed an' ready, the kids have been warned in advance that Daddy's Eagles are back in The House and the world-class Victory Margarita's are chillin' in our present fire-stormin' 103 degree heat (and I'm not kidding about that--it's 103 in Santa Clarita as we speak!) But no big--the Eagles are ready to Fly and tomorrow is the Beginning of the next great season. If Tuggle's the Man for the season opener, that's good with us. He's got some moves and Spaz will show us what he's learned after all these years watching other guys drive the bus. Have fun my Eagle Nation kin! Go Eagles! We're excited out here in Cali!Thanks for your great b.g. work, ATL! Believe in BC!(eagleboston & blockparty: With or without salt?)

blockparty said...

need the salt baby, im firing up the margarita maker for tomorrows game as well.