Monday, October 19, 2009

CMU's TV slate vs BC's

ESPN U decided to pick up our game against Central Michigan. That's good news. However, the kickoff was pushed back to 3:30. That's terrible news for attendance. Since the game is on Halloween, I think there will be plenty of no shows. I will gladly miss good chunks of the second half live to take my little ones out.

The second issue related to the game was a fact I read in CMU's press release:

With the addition of the ESPNU telecast, 11 of the Chippewas' 12 regular season games in 2009 will be televised either regionally or nationally. Seven of those games will have been produced by the ESPN family of networks.

11 of their 12 games were on TV?!? BC has already had three games relegated to ESPN 360 and may have more. How does that happen? I know we get much of more money from ESPN than Central Michigan. But why doesn't the extra $$$ come with extra TV support? The whole concept is backwards. I agree with Gene in that 360 is better than just radio, but in our new TV deal we need to have guarantees that nearly all our games will be on a true TV platform.


Groundhog said...

i generally like the 3:30 games but i agree it pushing it for halloween. i don't want dan "the man" lefevour to go wild in front of a weak crowd. i'm going to be in baton rouge for tulane-lsu. i have the feeling they will have no problem with attendance at lsu despite halloween.

conlonc said...

The CMU website sheds some light on this. Seems as though they count ESPN360 as "on TV".

Arizona - no listing
Alcorn St - no listing
Akron - FSN Ohio/FSN Detroit/ ESPN Gameplan (tape delay)
Buffalo - no listing
E Michigan - ESPN+/ESPN Gameplan
W Michigan - FSN DEtroit/ESPN Gameplan
Bowling Green - ESPN+/ESPN Game Plan (listed on as on 360)
Toldeo - ESPN2 (Wed night game)
Ball State - ESPN2 or ESPNU
Northern Illinois - ESPNU or ESPN360

Not quite as impressive as the press release makes it seem because (correct me if I'm wrong) GamePlan means 360 or PPV only.

ATL_eagle said...


ESPN+/Gameplan is TV and different from 360. You can be on Gameplan and 360 but Gameplan is definitely TV. ESPN+ is what we used to be part of in the Big East.

eagleboston said...

Great, I'm flying all the way out to Boston to see the game and take my son to his first Eagles game and now we have to leave at half so my niece and nephew can Trick or Treat. I guess one half is better than no half but who schedules these things?

Darius said...

A coven of cackling witches.

At least it's not Halloween night--boy, that'd bring back some bad memories from 1996.

Useless stat: in the past 60 years (as far back as I looked), BC is 3-6 on Halloween.

chicagofire1871 said...

Can you watch games on 360 if it's listed as ESPNU?