Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogpoll ballot

Even though I didn't have the commitment of watching BC twice, I actually didn't watch all that much football this weekend so most of this is based on record. I finally included Clemson. Maybe that will be a jinx to the Tigers. I have Georgia Tech high but I don't trust their defense. But as for what I did below, I'll give you my normal internet shoulder shrug.

Games I watched

Florida State-Clemson 75%
Notre Dame-Navy 25%
Georgia Tech-Wake Forest 25%
Oklahoma-Nebraska 20%
East Carolina-Virginia Tech 50%

1 Florida
2 Alabama
3 Texas
4 Cincinnati
5 Georgia Tech
7 Boise State 2
8 Pittsburgh 4
9 Houston 4
10 Oklahoma State 4
11 Utah 4
12 Miami (Florida) 4
13 Oregon 3
14 Southern Cal 7
15 Virginia Tech 7
16 Ohio State 3
17 Brigham Young 6
18 Auburn
19 Clemson
20 Stanford
21 Penn State 10
22 LSU 15
23 West Virginia
24 Temple
25 Idaho
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Iowa (#8), Arizona (#17), Troy (#18), Oklahoma (#20).


eaglephile said...

really, a one loss Iowa drops out of the rankings behind west virginia and Temple teams both with 2 losses?!

I respectfully disagree bill

Andy said...

Really random, but why did Arizona drop out? They had an easy win this past week.

BCMike said...

I don't care who Bill ranks as long as he keeps BC safe from the Coulter-Kos curse.


(ND got hit last week)

modest34b said...


They lost to Villanova! yes, to Villanova in football.

eagleboston said...

I was at the Iowa game last week. If Stanzi does not get injured in the first half, Iowa crushes Northwestern. They are definitely a Top 20 team. I agree it will be difficult from here on out without their QB (I still think BC would have won the ACCCG with Crane playing last year), but their defense is tough and although I expect them to lose to Ohio State, the Buckeyes will not score many points.