Monday, November 09, 2009

The changing face of BC new media

When I started this blog there was very little out there in terms of BC media. The Globe and Herald had extension of their print arms. Rivals and to a lessor extent Scout had BC sites focused on recruiting. Even was limited in its content.

Fortunately that has changed. is constantly improving and adding more content and features. But that is the tip of the iceberg. The University, some key members of the staff and some alumni are also reaching out in new ways.

Jared Dudley is using Twitter to show off his humor and video skills. With his improved play and comfort with the camera, is there any doubt Jared will be on TV when his career is over?

In this post, Basketball assistant Pat Duquette talks about the early signing period.

If you follow BC on Facebook you would know that the critically acclaimed TV drama "Friday Night Lights" filmed on campus recently. FNL goes for realism, so I hope they mention BC by name. Here is a shot of Connie Britton on campus.


Raj said...

i'll be the first to say it. She's HOT. The coach's wife, not matt saracen's gf.

A33Jim said...

I think Jared should take over as head coach for BC basketball in a few years. He'd bring the same quiet dignity to the program that Al has all these years.

BCDoubleEagle said...

BC was even an answer on Jeopardy last night. Truly, we have arrived.

Erik said...

I've been saying "Dudley will be a coach" since his soph season at BC and I continue that stance -- however I do agree that he'll relish his opportunities to talk to TV reporters and go on radio shops.

Nice to see two recent football commits, I like the momentum.

Darius said...

BC was on Jeopardy? I presume you mean it was a "question," given the way they flip Q+A. What was the "answer?"

BCDoubleEagle said...

Right. I didn't see it myself, but my septuagenarian mother reports that the "answer" was something along the lines of "This Jesuit university is located in Chestnut Hill, MA." Evidently the category was "BC," and all the "questions" were two words beginning with B and C respectively, e.g. Boston College or British Columbia.