Saturday, November 21, 2009

I guess this means more beach time

A few years ago BC went down and won the Paradise Jam. It was an unexpected run and announced that they were a team to be reckoned with. I thought this year's Jam would be another spring board. Instead we lost to St. Joes Friday. The big news is that Sanders went down early with an ankle injury. The team hung with Hawks but couldn't take a lead in the second half.

The good news is that the team rebounded well and the PGs were careful with the ball. We also made our free throws.

The area of concern is the porous defense. St. Joes got too many easy baskets and too many open looks from 3.

Instead of facing Purdue, BC will now deal with South Dakota St. in the consultation game.

I hoped for a better result but we've bounced back from plenty of early season stinkers in the past. Let's hope Sanders is not out long and the defense gets better quickly.


bcphilly said...

does anyone know why trapani was on the bench at crunch time last night ?

Erik said...

I'm pretty bummed to lose this early in the season, I would think that St Joe's isn't the same caliber as when they killed us with Jameer Nelson, Delonte West, and Pat Carroll - which was an all-time @ss whooping.

I really expected to win this one, they only beat Holy Cross by 2.

Kept checking my phone and it was close the whole way, and disturbingly close at the end.

Lenny Sienko said...

Same question; i.e., why was leading scorer (20 pts) Trapani on the bench for all but a few seconds of the last five minutes, when we needed offense?

CT said...

they only beat us in the ncaas that year cuz they went crazy on shooting 3's...they weren't even that high pct...just kept shooting and made enough of them...they weren't a better team...