Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Help Danya Abrams

I tweeted this earlier in the day, but this was a can't miss story from Bob Ryan on '90s star Danya Abrams. Anyone with a child can relate to Danya's struggle. If you fit the profile for a bone marrow doner, please get tested.


John said...

The article mentions the need for an African American this drive specifically for just that, or can anyone go to add their info to the national database?

Anonymous said...

I helped organize a number of drives in NYC for my daughter's classmate who was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. Absolutely anyone can go to donate at any drive to get into the national database. And it really is what Danya describes in the article - its 2 cotton swabs from the inside of your cheek. It takes more time to fill out the contact information paperwork.

For those not in the Boston area, the national website is

There may be a drive in your area.

Unknown said...

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