Saturday, January 16, 2010

Once again, Hockey starts the weekend off right

Men's hockey handily defeated Maine tonight. Let's hope basketball can follow their lead on Saturday.


CTone said...

good recap here, with a sweet photo of the first goal halfway down the article:

JP from Dorchester said...

The Atkinson-Gibbons-Whitney line is on fire. Pretty sure they had a hand in a majority of the scoring this week. Up next are those puppies down the road, who lost to a horrible Providence team last night. We need Conte FULL (of BC fans, please)Friday. The band will play on the ice in between periods. (Guess that doesn't cost Gene any money)

Claver2010 said...

Probably most complete game this team has played all year. They were only up 1-0 after one but it could have been much much more. On a down note Cross is out with another knee injury for a month. This means we will probably have to dress Patch Alber who hasn't seen action all year (I don't see Jerry going with 5 dmen for a month). Should be interesting to watch. Only 1 point behind UNH.

A33Jim said...

Is the bball game on espn360 today?

Ry said...

wouldn't be surprised if jerry moves a forward to the blueline. he has done it in the past when defensemen have gone down. i know he did it with marty hughes back in the day and again with brian boyle a few years ago.

Erik said...

Fired up for the Terps game today. I'm taking a MD guy with me, so extra opportunity to whoop it up if we play well!

neenan said...

I am mega up too.

I think our low post game is gonna to give Grievous big-time problems, for sure. Once we dominate the lane, boards and the paint the game will be over quickly. We won't need 3's at all.

G.A. said...

When are fans going to catch on to the fact that the team has quit. It's not like our fans are going to will them into caring. Our fans never even tried this year.

Maybe they will play hard at some future point, but it's not about match-ups, or time-outs, or the flex, or Sanders being injured, or missing Rice, or not having enough talent. The team decided it was going to stop playing hard weeks ago. The writing is on the wall.

A team that won 21 games and went 9-7 in the ACC is returning 8 of 9 in its rotation. They are not undermanned. They quit on the season

Adam M. said...

This would now be a great time for everyone to embrace and appreciate what we have in our hockey team. This basketball game is getting ugly fast. The announcers not only described Conte Forum as a "library" without the student section, and referred to the players as "sleepwalking." I'm glad we're not the only ones who are noticing things like this now. This team has mailed it in.

Dan said...

Did I hear someone say Spring Game Countdown Clock?

Claver2010 said...

Skinner has lost this team they just don't play for him at all.

Ryan said...

I'm embarrassed for this team and the fact they represent our university. That was one of the worst home court showings I've ever seen at any level of basketball.

neenan said...

I think we are going to the Big Dance and we could go deep. There is no quit in BC and none this season. Just a few bad breaks. You watch and see Al will right this ship. Yes, you heard it hear first, BC is an elite 8 team.

Dan said...

I'm sure starting to miss Shinskie...

Bravesbill said...

Maryland goes on a 9-2 run right out of halftime to basically put the game away today. Does this theme sound familiar?

Harry Collins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harry Collins said...

This BC team is officially my most hated team. Ever. All sports. I find lack of effort the most despicable characteristic a team can have, and this group is the biggest bunch of lazy, mail-it-in suckholes I have ever seen. The way Maryland (and Clemson and Duke) outhustled them on every loose ball was downright emfuckingbarassing. Whatta bunch of friggin losers.

How to fix it? I'd try benching Sanders and Paris for starters. Go with Jackson, Trapani, Raji, Elmore, Ravenel (substituted with Southern when the opposition is big) and tell them it's their minutes to lose, and they will lose them if the ole defense, lazy turnovers and all around apathy continue. Send a loud message to the rest of the team, especially catatonic Paris and chaise lounge Sanders, that everyyone's job is in jepoardy if they don't at least try. I mean just friggin try for crissakes.

Yeah, I know Jackson is not a true point guard, but could he be any worse than Paris? 0 points and 4 turnovers! Jesus. And that doesn't even speak to his godawful defense. Sanders? Another clunker (4-15), plus the pouting and last man down the floor in transition. I've never seen a lazier player. If this keeps up, I will personally attend their graduations with a bottle of champagne.

Ryan said...

"Graduation" is being a bit generous for this group, no? If this is their effort at the sport they allegedly love, I wonder what it looks like in the classroom.

Big Jack Krack said...

Start playing these walk-on guards - at least they'll try. The students will never show up for this team - and neither will the alums.

I've always said - you'd better keep winning Gene, or the house of cards will fall in on your policies.

Let's hope hockey keeps it going and Coach York stays for a few more years at least.

Hey Gene - there's a package deal waiting for you and Al - two for the road.

Coast said...

Dick Vitale, just a few minute ago on ESPN, about the landscape of college athletics (not word for word, but close):

The geographic distribution of teams is a joke. Boston College should be in the Big East, not the ACC.

Doris Burke: I agree.

rumple said...

Dick Vitale Is A Schmendrick*

*headline from another blog

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