Thursday, February 04, 2010

2010 Schedule

Here is the first look at the 2010 schedule.

Sept. 4 - Weber State
Sept. 11 - Kent State
Sept. 25 - Virginia Tech
Oct. 2 - Notre Dame
Oct. 9 - @ NC State
Oct. 16 - @ Florida State
Oct. 23 - Maryland
Oct. 30 - Clemson
Nov. 6 - @ Wake Forest
Nov. 13 - @ Duke
Nov. 20 - Virginia
Nov. 27 - @ Syracuse

I'll have more later today.


Unknown said...

Thoughts on the bye week? While it's real early, it may be an important week to get our QB's ready.

Dan said...

It's kinda like going "all in" early in the season. The two game prep/assessment could help us achieve some big wins and propel us forward or we lose some big games and then start a spiral with no other chances to catch out breath. Will be interesting. I'm worried about it's impact on injuries/fatigue.

blist said...

I like the month of November here - not easy but not terribly difficult either - all very winnable, takes the edge off the bye week so early, I think.

how nice to see a northeastern team on the sked again too. shame the 'cuse didn't end up in the ACC with us.

Unknown said...

Kent State and Weber State - what a joke.

Big Jack Krack said...

Agree Blist - I think Syracuse rather than Virginia Tech would have made more sense - especially to have two old rivals in the Northeast as part of the ACC.

VT pulled some backroom political stuff to gain entrance maybe.

Big Jack Krack said...

Timothy - I agree that the first two are a joke. Very disappointed in Gene on these.

I hope for goodness sake that this is our last game with Kent State. We had a chance to get a quality OOC and Gene accepted Weber's call - what a beaut!

blist said...

it wasn't backroom, Big Jack Krack - the Va. governor was open about demanding VaTech instead of syracuse when the big east raid went down. Maybe Big 10 expansion puts syracuse in play again for ACC - it would please the basketball folks in the conf anyway.

Checking out the other skeds, UVa has a tough away slate --USC, GaTech, bc, va tech. Ooof!.
Duke gets Alabama at home week 3

rumple said...

BC fares better in the 3 out-of-divison games than does its likely rivals for ACC Atlantic Div. title -- Clemson and FSU.

Here are the out-of-division schedules:

BC -- UVA, Duke and VTech
FSU -- Miami, UNC, UVA
Clemson -- Miami, UNC, GTech

BC plays one tough game and Clemson and FSU each play 2 tough games. This could make a big difference if we can knock off either FSU or Clemson during the season

Erik said...

I smell Oranges....

Groundhog said...

i'm praying for a beautiful sunny day on sep. 11 vs. kent state. hopefully that will entice some people to show up at that miserable game. bookend that with a herzlich-comeback promotion for sep.4 and sellouts for va tech and notre dame...we might be looking at a banner year for ticket sales.

Adam M. said...

One thing that jumps out at me is that the Notre Dame game is pretty early this year. I'm guessing no hockey-football doubleheader/weekend with Notre Dame this year? October 2nd is about a week or 2 before the college hockey season starts. We also have to be huge VT fans on Labor Day, as a win against Boise will more than likely mean the Hokies will be top 5 when they make their trip to Alumni this year (and it'll be their first road game). That back-to-back road trip to Raleigh and Tallahassee is huge as well.

Coast said...

Yeah, Big Jack Krack, bringing a lesser northern team over a stronger southern team into a southeastern league makes more football sense.

neenan said...

No goofing on the Big Jack-ass-Krack!

matthew2 said...

leave BJK alone. respect your elders

blist said...

Besides, BJK's notion of two northeast rivals together in the ACC was the original thinking with expansion - so he's not being foolish (well, of course getting Miami was the big deal for the ACC) - it was to be BC, Syracuse, Miami. The virginia governor, since he held a veto over UVa's vote, strong-armed the ACC into accepting VaTech with Miami first, then the next year BC joined.
Why the thinking of Syracuse and BC? Probably good TV, natural rivals in the north which I hear would have pleased Maryland a bit and the fact Miami consider itself to have a strong Northeast base, which they didn;t want to abandon.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey everyone - thanks for putting a smile on my face. I've never been one to take myself seriously anyway.

Coast - a lot of people feel the same way about BC - what are we doing in this southeastern conference? If you are going to expand, why not reach from Miami to Boston and Upstate NY? Where the heck is Blacksburg anyway? Near Roanoke - yeah? Where's that?(only kidding) They should have a special league for teams like Clemson, VT and WVU, etc.

I'm off to Australia tomorrow for business - Tasmania, Port Fairy Victoria, Melbourne and Sydney - someone has to do this job.

It ain't so bad reaching the ranks of "elder" :-)

David said...

So does that make the VT game during Parent's Weekend? If so, that's the best Parent's Weekend game in ages, right?

Unknown said...
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