Sunday, February 07, 2010

How a newspaper should blog

Great piece this morning on the Instead of just reposting the game story, Steve Conroy used the expanded space to breakdown BC's last second 3-point attempt. He used good quotes and sprinkled in his own analysis. These local newspaper writers have access and a huge platform. I wish they would use it like this more often.


CMondo1 said...

I was at the game yesterday. Another loss, but I too am a sucker. I truly believe this bunch can put together a good ACC tourney run.

The Conroy article was good. But, why run a play where you believe the last shot will be taken by Trapani? Why not call timeout and run a play for Jackson? That killed me.

I will also say that the key play of the game-- before the last possession-- was Roche missing an open three while BC was down 7, and Conte was waiting to erupt. He HAS to hit that shot. Skinner's "he wasn't hitting his jump shots" shows that Al also believes he has to hit that shot.

Matt Gibbons said...

I agree with everything said by CMondo. Another big disappointing play in the game for BC was when Trapani recovered a Duke turnover, and then turned it over immediately by forcing a bad pass. An encouraging showing from BC, but a couple other plays and an "encouraging showing" could have been an actual W.

ObserverCollege said...

Great piece, ATL? Really??? When exactly did you land on Mars?

This was one of the worst pieces I have ever read. Conroy was clearly showboating, with "original" analysis and precise quotes that simply don't belong on the pages of a major metropolitan daily.

It's really not that difficult. You go back into your files and pull out the ratings for the past few years. You then compare Eastern Clothing's finest with a Duke coach about whom American Express thinks so highly that they grant him 60-second spots so he can tell America what he wants from kids he coaches.

In case you haven't figured it out, Duke is the goose that laid the golden egg. They just had a difficult time last week in DC as Georgetown had the gall to play them rough and the officials decided to make some sort of point that day. That's one thing. But for ACC to allow Boston College to stay close with a shot at the end is quite another.

At some point, the refs need to figure out how to do right by the conference. Does anyone seriously think the ACC benefited from Duke having a close game yesterday? Of course not. So you need to step up. Once Sanders starts playing well, tag him with a couple of T's. Let the Duke players defend with the privileges and consideration that McD's All-Americans deserve. And, you know, just because BC "fouls" a benchwarmer doesn't mean you can't say that Singler was really the player fouled.

What do Barclays Premier League officials do when Manchester United, their version of Duke, get caught in a tussle with someone like Wigan or Hull City? Well, obviously they come up with 8 or 9 minutes of injury time. They also get aggressive in handing out yellow and red cards, and even penalty kicks. After all, desperate times require desperate measures.

It's about time ACC officials showed the same consideration. THAT is the article Conroy should have written, one that had a modicum of business sense to it.